When Would a Pet Store Need Abatement Services?

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When you operate a pet store, you need to ensure that the structure and the environment is safe for you, your pets, the clients, the employees and other parties. Therefore, you need to ensure that your pet store is not affected by mold, hazardous materials, and asbestos. The term abatement refers to the process of reducing, lessening, and ending of something, in this case, hazardous products which could negatively affect the safety of the building.

This article justifies that, like any other business, the pet store needs abatement services, and it will guide you on the same.

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When would a pet store need abatement services?

When you are running a pet store, you need to ensure that the security of your clients is guaranteed. For example, ask yourself if there are possible hazardous materials which could affect the health of your company. If you do not have high safety standards, the entire stock in the pet store could be compromised.

Take an example where somebody visits your pet store, and then reports that he was affected by asbestos originating from the visit. The client starts worrying that trapped asbestos could lead to far reaching consequences such as cancer and genetic damage. Such accusations on your business can be grave. When asbestos accumulates in the body, there is no way of reversing the same, and one has to live with the consequences.

The reputation of your pet store lies in the aesthetics of the building, and how healthy your building is. If the pet store company does not look good, and does not look healthy, then you are not going to have a good name.

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Asbestos Abasement Services

The use of asbestos is not banned in the country. As long as the amount used is less than 1 %, then it can be used in consumer products. However, its presence is going to be a burden to your pet store. Making the choice to seek a professional abasement is the safest and best thing that you can do. When the asbestos abasement company visits your building, it will test for possible toxic materials.

When you choose the right abatement service, you are going to benefit from the right equipment as used by the asbestos company. This is unlike doing a DIY. If you do your own work, you are not going to access the right equipment for such a sensitive piece of work.

When you are looking for an asbestos company, make sure that you get the right professional. There are companies which specialize in asbestos, and there are others which offer environmental and demolition services

It is important that you evaluate the training of the professionals you use. The workers working in the asbestos abatement industry need some training modules at the minimum. These include pre-asbestos abatement tasks, preparation of the work area, the use of personal equipment, employee decontamination processes, and the proper handling of the asbestos materials.

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How to get the Right Abatement Service

The starting point of seeking an abatement service should be your friends and relatives. When such individuals give you information, they have already used such companies. Therefore, they will give you a narrative of their experience.

A good source of information about companies is perusing through the online reviews and reading comments related to the experiences with the company. Such reviews will help you understand the abatement company in a deeper way.

You need to be sure that you can meet the terms of the quote. Some of the abatement services can be expensive. Therefore, peruse the prices and ensure that you can comfortably pay for the services. The cost breakdown of the abatement service could include the following:

-Initial inspection of the pet store

-Analysis and methodology

-Partial removal, stage by stage removal

-Complete removal


If you feel that the process is expensive, you could try out cheaper options. For example, you could request that the dangerous materials are covered with the right protection materials.

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Mold Abatement

Mold abatement is the checking and removing of mold in a residential or commercial building. If your pet store records a high level of humidity, you could need mold abatement services. When you hire a mold abatement professional, he or she is going to carry out a root-cause analysis of the situation in order to make an informed decision. For example, if the roof is leaking, or partially damage, the building could be affected by mold. In that case, the building could warrant roof replacement.

When your pet store is infested by mold, then it could adversely affect the health of the pets. Black mold is particularly toxic and can even lead to the death of the pets. The pets inhale the mold gradually, and when this goes on for a long time, there could be dire consequences.

Mold likes places which are dark and damp. Again, if flooding takes place in your pet store, it can lead to the presence of mold. Accumulated mold is going to be a burden to your pet store, and it should be removed as soon as possible. Managing mold without removing it is a temporally solution.

The signs and symptoms of mold infestation among the pets include the following: respiratory difficulty, nose bleeding, scratching which could lead to sores, excessive licking, loss of appetite, and allergic reactions.

Therefore, when you suspect that your pet store could be infected by mold, call a mold company as soon as you can. Some of the mold abatement companies are going to offer you free consultation as well as free assessment. If the mold removal is done early, it could save you from replacing your furniture. A mold abatement company will ensure that the mold is cleared in a professional and timely manner in order to protect your pets.

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Lead-based Paint Removal

Lead abatement is the process of reducing the amount of lead that is present in your pet store. This reduces or eliminates the chances of lead poisoning. Whereas you are at liberty to determine if you need a lead abatement service, you may be required by the authorities to inspect if there could be presence of lead.

Lead inspection and abatement cannot be done by local contractors. It should be done by companies which have the knowledge and specialization of the same. There are three main stages of lead abatement: inspection of the lead-based paint, risk assessment, and removal of lead-based paint.

If your pet store has lead, there can be far-reaching and negative consequences. In some cases, lead poisoning can cause long-term damage to the health of an individual.

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How to Choose Abatement Services

With the market providing a lot of options and services in lead abatement, you could be spoiled for choice. However, you need to make a careful decision on abatement services. The first thing that you should evaluate is if the employees of the company have taken relevant classes and received a certificate of completion. If they have not done so, then you need to make a consideration of other options.

An abatement service cannot work without checking the requirements of EPA and the federal laws. This is because the abatement area is a highly regulated area that requires sensitivity to health and the safety of the business owners and the public. Agencies such as EPA are very pro-active in influencing legislation and implementation of the various policies affecting the people. It is important to work hand in hand with such agencies in order to protect the wellness and safety of the public at large.

You need to peruse through the internet in order to check the best providers of abatement companies. The easiest and less time consuming is doing a google search. For example, if you lived in Nashville, TN you would do a search for Nashville Abatement. Some of the websites are going to have a comprehensive comparison capturing the details of each company. The comparison will enable you to make an informed choice. Moreover, there are various comments at the end of the page which are very critical in giving one the much-needed data and information to run a business.

For example, some websites use empirical data to make an educated conclusion on the products and services available in the market. It uses primary methods of data collection such as filling out of surveys. The data is then compiled and reported back. With such a data-informed report, your pet store will benefit from the various offers in the market.

The cost of abatement is going to vary depending on the severity of the problem as well as the size of your pet store. It should be noted that older homes are more vulnerable to hazardous materials. Therefore, an abatement service in an old home is going to be more expensive and is going to take more time.

There are some abatement processes which are cheaper than the others. These include management methods, enclosure, and encapsulation. However, much as they are cheaper, they only mitigate the toxins, and therefore, it is better to consider replacement or total removal. Again, what is the need of coming up with a solution that is not going to be permanent.

Whereas a DIY is possible in abatement processes, it is highly discouraged. Simply, you do not have the skills and experience to carry out such a demanding task. Abatement services require a high set of skills, and one has to be careful not to engage in activities which do not allow one to carry out a professional service.

Another reason why you should not use DIY is that you do not have the expertise to manage the dangers and risks that come with the abatement services. The process could emit harmful substances to the air thereby endangering you and the third parties. Direct exposure to such materials is going to lead to possible poisoning. You may not have the right protective equipement and protective gear. Simply put, just leave this to the professionals and they are going to help you in the best way possible.

In a few cases, the pet store could have more than one problem, mold infestation and asbestos for instance. In such a case, the best thing that one can do is to seek a company which can provide both services. One can seek a discount or one can take advantage of a special offer. When you have a relationship with the company, such a relationship is going to be of much help in the future as you need more services.

Be sure to seek a word of mouth recommendation on the best abatement services in the market. Such a recommendation is going to be trustworthy. It is important that you do not take a word on the face value, but rather, do a background check in order to verify information. Through such careful efforts, you are going to get value for the money.

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Benefits of Abatement Services

The greatest advantage with seeking abatement services is your health, as well as the health of the third parties. If you do not seek the abatement services in a timely manner and professional manner, you will spend much more seeking treatment.

Carrying out an abatement process is going to increase the value of your home. In addition to that, you are not going to have a difficult time seeking a new buyer to your home. If your home has the extras, you are going to fetch a higher price for the home, and you are going to secure a buyer quickly.

Sometimes, abatement services are a matter of law. You are legally required to run businesses which are safe to the public. Therefore, be sensitive to the various laws that are required of you and be sure to follow them to the latter. Failure to do so could attract harsh consequences from the authorities.


Abatement services play a critical role in enhancing the bottom-line of a pet store. When you work in a healthy and safe place, you are going to realize better productivity. Therefore, be sensitive to the issue of abatement and budget for it accordingly.