Great Places to take your Dog in Denver

dog in Denver

A dog-friendly website called Rover has ranked Denver as the most dog-friendly city in America. In this article, we are going to take a look at just how friendly the city is. We will start by taking a look at a small selection of the dog parks. Of course, there are so many to choose from in Pet Friendly Denver

Denver Dog Parks

Dog Parks in Denver

The best place to meet dogs in Denver is at the city dog parks, there are quite a few in Denver and we have taken a look at some of the best ones.

Barnum Dog Park

This park opened in late 2017 and is an off-leash park located on the west side of Barnum Park. It’s right close by to the playground and the tennis courts. Dogs must be neutered or have a current Denver Intact Permit before they are allowed entry. The park is open from sunrise through to sunset. Users have questioned why, when the whole park is lush grass, the surface of the dog ark is all small stones.

Kennedy Dog Park

The park has a fenced-off play area where dogs can run around leash-free. The dog park extends about 3 acres and has separate areas for both large and small dogs. Once again the surface is rough dirt. You are recommended to bring water for your dog. You can find the park right across the road from Cherry Creek State Park.

Lowry Dog Park

This is a spacious off-leash park that is fenced off and surrounded by lots of green open space. The park has two fenced areas to separate dogs of differing temperaments. The surfaces are gravel and there are plenty of places where weary humans can relax while their dog hurtles around.

Railyard Dog Park

One of the better parks, in my opinion, and it’s located in the heart of the city. This park has a water fountain (not always working), plenty of shaded paved areas with picnic benches for humans, a light dirt surface. You will find the park in LoDo, just southeast of commons park.

Stapleton Dog Park

Located in Stapleton. Another great park, in my opinion. The area for dogs to play without a leash is completely fenced off and has a dirt surface, with a few shade trees, some benches, and fountains. They have not divided the area up, so your dog will mix with a variety of sized dogs and dogs of varying temperaments. Bring your dog bags and water in case the fountains are not working.

Tony Grampsas Dog Park

My favorite Dog Park, simply because of the variety of landscape. There is much more for dogs to explore. It has a massive 2.5-acre site, with a much more interesting environment than the plain dirt parks so far. This park has a lot of variety with trees, shrubs, pathways. The dogs love exploring the shrubbed area and the shade of the trees. Bring your dog bags and your water. The park is located adjacent to the Tony Grampsas Memorial Sports Complex. Remember, you must keep your dog on his leash until you reach the dog area.

Places for Your Dog to Swim in Pet Friendly Denver

Some dogs just love to swim. Put them near water and they are straight in without hesitation. We have a choice selection of great places where your dog can come to swim in Denver.

Chatfield State Park

The 70 acres that make up Chatfield State Park contains two ponds where your dog can take a dip. As you walk with your dog there are contrasting views of both the Rockies and urban Denver. It’s a great place for humans as well as your dog. You need to buy a day pass or signup for an annual membership.

Westminster Hills

This is my favorite swimming hole for dogs. Just north of Denver, you will find Westminster Hills. 420 acres of totally free fun. There is an off-leash area where Fido can run free and the best part is that it includes a pond so that he can also take a dip. There are plenty of benches, a shaded area where you can have a snack, and fountains for the dogs. The park has great scenic views and the sort of place where you can relax for a couple of hours or so.

CRCG Indoor Pool

Now we are talking! CRCG offers two heated indoor swimming pools for dogs. A great place to bring your dog for a swim on the coldest of days. It is run by the Canine & Conditioning Rehabilitation Group. Check out their website for details. You can opt for private sessions or communal sessions with other dogs.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Pet Friendly Denver

Now your dog has had its exercise or swim, you may be feeling a little hungry and want somewhere to get good food, and where your dog will be welcome. There are so many restaurants that welcome dogs in Denver and we cannot list them all, but we have selected some of our favorites. When it comes to dog-friendly restaurants and breweries, Denver is by far the most welcoming in Colorado

Going back as far as 2017 Denver has allowed dogs to enter eligible patios at food premises that are regulated. Denver is the only jurisdiction in Colorado that allows this. There are certain rules though:

1. Dogs must always be kept on a leash

2. The dog must also be kept at least 15ft from any outdoor food handling area.

3. Dogs are excluded from entering the inside of any food establishment (except service dogs).

4. Dogs must stay on the floor, they are not allowed on chairs or tables

5. Dogs must have had their vaccinations, and display tags on their collar.

6. Any accidents must be picked up and cleared up immediately

7. Any accident the establishment will provide sanitization supplies

Our Top 10 Selection of Dog-Friendly Restaurants

dog in a brewery

Dog-Friendly Breweries

Perhaps it is not the food that you are looking for. It can be quite pleasant to call into a local brewery after your walk, and in Denver, there are many breweries where your dog is made welcome, while you enjoy a cool beer or cider. We took a look at some of the most popular of these dog-friendly breweries.

The Watering Bowl

This is our favorite. The Brewery comes with a large off-leash dog park, that has pools and water for your dog. It has a seriously dog-friendly atmosphere, they even go as far as providing toys for the dogs to play with while you enjoy your beer. The Watering Bowl – 5411 Leetsdale Dr, Denver, CO

10 Barrel Brewing Company – Denver Pub

This dog-friendly brewery allows dogs both inside, on the patio, and outside. You are welcome to sit on the patio with your dog, enjoy a cold one, and chill-out with your dog. They even supply a bowl of water for your dog. 10 Barrel Brewing Company – Denver Pub – 2620 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205, United States

Black Shirt Brewing Company

Do you like hand-crafted beers? If so then the Black Shirt Brewing company has a great selection to choose from. They also serve a great pizza to accompany the beer. You are welcome to bring your dog along, but you should always check if traveling some distance, as policies can change in any of the breweries.

Black Shirt Brewing Company – 3719 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205, United States

Denver Beer Company

This bar does not serve food, so dogs are allowed inside as well as outside. This is not a problem as typically there is a food truck parked outside. Dogs must remain on a leash but that is pretty well the only restriction. Denver Beer Company – 1695 Platte St, Denver, CO

Blue Tile Brewing

Blue Tile brewings are specialists in lagers and aged beers. Your four-legged-friend is also very welcome there. This place seems to be very popular with dog owners. Blue Tile Brewing – 1609 East 58th Street Unit G, Denver, CO 80216, United States


Very popular in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, Subculture has a wide range of sub-sandwiches and beers. It also features the perfect patio to bring your dog along, and staff frequently appear with dog treats to keep them happy. There is always water put out for the dogs. Subculture – 1300 Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO


Racines have an intimate patio just for people with dogs. It is a great place to get into a conversation with other dog owners. Dogs have to remain on a leash but it is a fun place for your dog. The place is known for its top-rated food, Mexican and American cuisines to choose from. Racine’s – 650 Sherman St, Denver, CO

Places to Stay with Your Dog

Perhaps you are visiting Denver for more than just a day, and you need somewhere to stay with your dog. Not a problem as there are 141 dog-friendly hotels and motels to choose from. Remember This is Pet Friendly Denver.

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Denver

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Denver

Two dogs or cats of any size are welcome free of charge. You can also leave well-behaved pets unattended in guest rooms. Dog treats are made available at reception, and dog beds and bowls can be requested. Kimpton Hotel Monaco Denver – 1717 Champa St, Denver, CO 80202

La Quinta by Wyndham Denver Airport DIA

La Quinta by Wyndham Denver Airport DIA

Two dogs or cats of any size are welcome free of charge. You can also leave well-behaved pets unattended in guest rooms The hotel also has got grassy areas for the dog to go to the bathroom. This hotel also recently had Denver Bathroom Remodeling done so it is in pristine condition. La Quinta by Wyndham Denver Airport DIA – 6801 Tower Rd, Denver, CO 80249

Aloft Denver Downtown

Aloft Denver Downtown

Another Pet Friendly Denver Hotel. This downtown hotel allows dogs of up to 40lb, but it charges a fee of $75. It’s a nice hotel, but shame about the fee. Aloft Denver Downtown – 800 15th St, Denver, CO 80202

Hiking with Your Dog in Denver

Perhaps you are looking for something a bit more adventurous to do with your dog. Going for a hike with your dog in dog-friendly Denver is a great idea. We have details of a couple of our favorite Pet Friendly Denver hikes.

Lair of the bear

This is a 1,6-mile hike. To get to the starting point you take a beautiful scenic ride into the canyon on Bear Creek. It is an easy hike that should take around 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete. It is suitable for all seasons and dogs are welcome but must remain on a leash. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the starting point from downtown Denver [Google Map]. The trail runs along Bear Creek itself.

The Bluffs Loop

This 2.7-mile loop is a broad dirt trail and shortly after starting, you will get some wonderful views. I would highly recommend this trail for a sunset walk, you get to see the lights of Denver spread out. It is an easy hike and should take no more than 1 hour and 45 minutes. The elevation gains about 200’ and the trail is suitable for summer and fall only. Dogs on a leash are welcome. This trail is about a thirty minutes drive from downtown Denver. [Google Map].

Final Thought About Pet Friendly Denver

The city has gone out of its way to being welcoming to dogs and their human companions. It has the most liberal regulations for dogs anywhere in Colorado. The perfect place for a vacation with your dog.