What Kind of High-End Appliances are Needed for a Pet Store?

appliances needed for a pet store

A pet store is a shop where everything related to a pet can be bought. However, quite a few pet stores have diversified and have started stocking high-end appliances which are not only trendy but pet friendly too. These high-end appliances are sourced all the top brands in the market and do cost a lot.

Why do we need high-end appliances at a pet shop?

The most pertinent reason to stock high-end appliances at a pet shop is to attract more customers. Consumers have a penchant of visiting those places where they would get most of their wares. A pet shop is a place where consumers flock to transact on things which are related to pets. Businesses depend on quite a few factors and there will be downturns and headwinds. To overcome this challenge, the shop owner will have to increase the variety of their wares. This is an ideal ply to increase footfalls and push sales north.

What kind of appliances are needed?

There many appliances to choose for. The electronic market is rife with equipment and a new one hits the market every other day.

Let us have a quick look at some of the equipment that a pet shop owner can display at his or her store:

air fryer for a pet store

Air Fryer

An Air fryer is remarkable equipment. It not just cooks food fast but also ensures that it is done healthily. Oil is not a healthy addition to any dish. Most people suffer from health issues due to the excessive intake of oil. An air fryer eliminates the need for using oil in food. It fries the food using technology to produce fried food that not just yummy but promotes fitness too.

Pets too need a change in the diet once in a while. Fried food is also a strict no-no for them. The air fryer is more than capable of providing tasty pet food.

A fryer comes with a replaceable plate. This is a unique feature which allows the user to place any plate in the place. It is handy and easy to use and fries food in the shortest possible time.

A customer will always be attracted by equipment which gives him or her benefits at the quickest possible time. There are plenty of high-end air fryers to choose from.

These are some of the top-selling high-end air fryers which are popular among the classes.

For pet shop owners, these high-end air fryers must find a place in their store. It can be marketed as exclusive equipment for both the owner and the pet. High air fryers are a style statement since most of them are incredibly well designed. Take one today home and find how everyone in the household loves it. This would include the pet too.

Viking - Professional 5 Series Quiet Cool 20.4 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - Custom Panel Ready


The refrigerator is the ultimate high-end appliance to have in a pet shop. This works both ways. As a pet shop owner, one can sell the high-end appliance as well make a style statement. Having a high-end refrigerator gives the customers the requisite confidence in buying products for that particular shop. A refrigerator is also a necessary appliance when it comes to storing food. This food will also include pet food. A refrigerator works in many ways. It attracts people to a shop, it helps keep food fresh, it keeps your drinks cool.

A refrigerator comes in a wide range of prices. There are low-end refrigerators which cater to a certain section of consumers. There are middle priced refrigerators which have a large clientele. The high-end ones are those which are found in limited numbers.

Let us look at some of the high-end refrigerators that pet shop owners can display in their stores:

The above-mentioned refrigerators are some of the costliest in the market today. The majority of them have a stainless steel build which makes them scratch proof. It also has a glossy sheen to it and the look and feel of the appliance is to die for. These refrigerators have myriad functionalities. They have bottom shelves for easier reach. They have some of the most powerful compressors for greater efficiency and longevity of food.

A high-end refrigerator is a must at every high-end apartment. It not only provides a great value for money but also adds to the overall ambience of the residence.

Having a high-end refrigerator as a display at the pet store automatically increases the brand value of the shop.

So how do you go about finding one? For example if you live in Palm Beach, Florida you can do a Google search for high-end appliances Palm Beach of Viking Refrigerator, Palm Beach. Not only will this pull up the vendors who are selling, but also special deals and coupons.



Pet owners fret about the diet their pets follow. Pets must be made to follow a set diet since their digestive systems are susceptible to disease. A diet chart has to maintained to counter such circumstances.

In comes the high-end cooker which will serve not just the parent of the pet but the pet too. High-end cookers are niche designed appliances which is a definite upgrade from the conventional ones. However, before buying a cooker it is essential that you understand the exact need for it. The type of cooking, the space constraints and the maintenance that would be needed. Once you are certain about these, you can go ahead and select for yourself a high-end cooker that will adorn the kitchen.

Let us look at some of the high-end coolers that are being bought by the customers in large numbers:

  • The Bertazzoni is Italy’s pride and for a reason. They have been building high-end stoves for centuries and are a force to reckon with in the world of cookers. Their 6 stove cookers are a treat to the eyes with bright colours and sturdy engineering.

They are some of the hottest selling cookers in the market for those customers who are willing to pay. Having one at the pet shop as a display will enhance the show of the shop as well as provide the customer with the incentive to buy more.

Kitchen Suite

The signature kitchen suite or SKS is the premier brand of LG. Though this may never adorn the corner of a pet shop, it, however, is the ultimate aspirational appliance that high-value customers would yearn to own.

The SKS is an engineering marvel but requires a whole lot of effort and space. This is not the item that a pet shop may not keep. But if it does then it would certainly be an attractive proposition.

best coffee makers for a pet store

Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is an essential appliance for any kitchen. Coffee is the world’s favoured beverage and the majority of the world is addicted to it. The market is ripe with coffee makers which provide to its users, the blend of the perfect aroma with taste.

A reader had once asked the efficacy to keep a coffee maker at a pet shop.

A pet shop is a place where customers come to look for their favourite animal. They also would love to spend some time there. Innovative pet shops will usually keep an area where the customers can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. A display of high-end coffee makers is an ideal way to market the equipment. High-end appliances have a niche market. These also require a place and space of its own. A high-end appliance has its own identity. Coffee Makers tend to wonders for the overall look and feel of the area it is placed.

Let us quickly look at the coffee makers that can make a change to the kitchen of the customer:

  • Breville the Barista Express Espresso: Best overall coffee maker
  • Keurig K-Cafe: Best premium coffee maker
  • De’Longhi Dedica Style: Best value coffee maker
  • Minimal Precision Stainless Steel Pour-Over Stand: Best minimalist coffee maker

These are the bestselling high-end coffee makers that have had an impact on kitchens worldwide.

best toaster oven for a pet store

Toasters and Ovens

This is a basic appliance that most kitchens have. Toasters and Ovens are essential for the modern kitchen. The modern family is always on the run. They have meetings, deadline and social gatherings to attend. Toasters and ovens are the easiest way to cook and have a healthy life.

For the pet owner, a toaster and oven is a godsend appliance. Pets are choosy eaters and may not eat undercooked food. The oven will be able to overcome that challenge.

High-end appliances have become the go-to equipment for most of us. We aspire to buy this equipment to ease the way of life.

Most of us love crispy bread laced with butter. Pets would love it too. Pet owners would love to look at the high-end toasters and oven which will ideally be placed at the most opportune area.

Some of the high-end toasters and Oven are:

  • Breville – the Smart Oven Air Convection Toaster/Pizza Oven – Stainless Steel
  • Revolution Cooking – 2-Slice Toaster – Brushed Stainless Steel
  • KitchenAid – Pro Line Series 2-Slice Extra-Wide-Slot Toaster – Candy Apple Red
  • Cuisinart – Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven – Stainless Steel
  • Zojirushi Micom Toaster Oven – Black

These are some the most sought after high-end toasters and oven. They are a must for every kitchen though the truth is told, there are cheaper versions which also do serve the purpose.

best water heaters for a pet store

Water Heater

A water heater serves any purpose. It not saves the cost of boiling water but can also be used to bathe the pet, make tea or coffee et al. Water heaters are instant and easy to handle and maintain. For pet owners it is essential to have seen, lukewarm water may be needed to soothe the pet during the time they are unwell. The pet shop owner would want to showcase a water heater in his or her store since it is quite a convenient piece of equipment.

However, setting up a water heater may be a cumbersome affair since a few ask for a water connection. Most are simple electric flasks with large capacities and they do a great job.

Some of the high-end electric water heater manufacturers whose products are well known all over the world:

These manufacturers clock humongous sales round the year and are generally known as the leaders in the field of electrical equipment.

Pet store owners can use these water heaters as good advertising plank for their business. Consumers most often will be looking for these products elsewhere and if they find it in a pet shop whilst looking for a pet, it is an advantage all through. A good word of mouth travels far. It is more effective than all the other expensive modes of advertisement.

best blenders for a pet store


A blender is indeed the need of the hour. It can blend, chop, slice and in general process food with élan. It is a must for the ever-short of time modern family. The blender has been one of the greatest inventions for the kitchen if you listen to the kitchen in charge. Most blenders are part of a food processing unit but are also sold separately.

The pet shop owners know it. It would be great if they do advertise it as one of their top appliance draws. Pet owners will particularly love blenders since they can indulge their pets in newer diets and easy to eat portions.

Some of the high-end blenders currently on the popularity list are:

  • Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black – 001372
  • Blendtec Designer Series Blender-WildSide-Jar (90 oz) -Professional-Grade Power Self-Cleaning-6 Pre-Programmed Cycles-8-Speeds-Sleek and Slim, Black
  • Breville BBL910XL Boss Easy to Use Superblender, Silver

These power-packed blenders do what all they are meant to do with great precision. A must for every household is what the recommendation is.

Final Words

Pet shops are places for pets is a myth in the changing economic landscape. It has to evolve depending on the trend in consumer behaviour. If advertising high-end appliances are what the doctor ordered, then so be it.