Why Should a California Pet Store Hire a Business Advisor

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California is an ideal business environment for starting and running a pet business. The people of California are very warm to pets, and the pet industry is going to thrive. In addition to that, the high purchasing power that the state offers translates to a higher level of demand for goods and services. Therefore, if you make a decision to do pet business in California, the odds are in your favor.

If you are to start and run a successful pet business in California, you need to hire a business advisor. Who is a business advisor? A business advisor is a strategist and a professional who works hand in hand with you, giving you critical business insight, and making recommendations on the best ways of executing a certain business process. Simply put, the business advisor is an extension of the business owner. They lend their vast experience and expertise to your business in order to help you grow.

This article is going to explore the role of a California business advisor in businesses that are related to pets.

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Benefits of a Business Advisor to a California Pet Store

Starting a pet-centric business is a general idea. You need to be specific and choose the niche that you are going to deal with. A business advisor is best placed to make this decision. He or she is going to interview you and ask you pertinent questions about your short-term and long-term plan. From that interview and kind interrogation, the business advisor will give you the viable and sustainable options to choose from. Remember, the business advisor in California cannot make decisions for you. Rather, he or she is going to present the best case scenario and let you make your own decisions based on your willingness and abilities.

There is no shortage of pet-related businesses. The following are the main areas of business opportunities that are related to pets:

-pet photography

-Clothes and accessories for pets

-Pet sitting

-Pet day care

-Obedience training

-A walking service

-Rental business on services related to pets


-Gourmet treats

The specific option chosen is not for everyone. For example, if you opt for pet photography, a cheap camera will be inconsequential to your business endeavor. At the same time, you will need to be outgoing and capture different photos from different angles. Therefore, when you sit down with your business advisor, you are going to explore all the options on the table and decide on the best option. Your business advisor could help you look at past case studies in order to help you come up with a sound decision.

Now that your business is growing or will grow, the business advisor will guide you on managing the backbone of the business- the human resource. You must ensure that you know the rights of every employee. Failure to respect your employees will alienate them and this will lead to reduced productivity.

In order for a pet store to realize optimal productivity, they must be motivated and encouraged to stay longer. California has a high employee turnover due to enticing opportunities such as Hollywood. As a matter of fact, some employees take some jobs in order to earn some income as they aim to get to the “Promised Land”.

In the case you need funding, you need a professional business proposal when soliciting the same. A California business advisor is best placed to help you attract funding, and to do this, you will need a business plan. A business plan captures the vision, the goals, and the direction of your business. In addition to that, it should cover the products and services that are supposed to be offered. These could include grooming and training. Lenders are very careful when making investment and lending decisions. This is due to the uncertainty of the market. Therefore, you have to justify your business proposal.

As you can see, a business proposal requires a lot of things if it is to impress the investors. In such a case, then, you should consider seeking the help of a business advisor who understands too well on how to navigate around the system. He or she is going to give you the much-needed tips that will help you make an informed decision. Such advisors have helped other businesses too, and yours will not be an exception. In addition to that, the advisor is going to help you come up with customized services for your special needs.

A business advisor will help you in identifying the right market for your business products and services. He could do market segmentation for you. The following are the 4 main types of market segmentation:

-Demographic segmentation

– Psychographic segmentation

-Behavioral segmentation

-Geographic segmentation

Examples of market segmentation for your pet store include the following: age, social status, annual income, and ethnicity. Your business advisor will help you make decisions regarding your pet store. For example, there are certain types of pets which are preferred by young people, and there are other types of pets which are preferred by older people. Therefore, the decisions made have to be compatible with the findings at the stage of market segmentation.

At the same time, you need to be careful not to be accused of favoring certain ethnic groups over others. California is a melting point of culture with people from all over the world finding a home in the state. Therefore, you need to be sensitive to other cultures. Learn some inter-cultural skills, and learn some cross-cultural communication. As far as you can, learn the basics of other languages. Your business advisor will inform you on the best way of going around this.

Unfortunately, the pet businesses in California face stiff competition from wholesalers, supermarkets, and online retailers. Therefore, your pet store has to gain a competitive advantage. For example, it should be a one-stop shop for products and services related to pets. In such a case, a California business advisor is best placed to offer you the best advice on how to be strategic in order to stand up against such a fierce competition.

A pet business faces a number of risks that could be avoided with the right business advisory service. Some families have very strong bonds with the pets, with some going to an extent of considering them as part and parcel of the family. When such a pet is under your care, and something goes wrong, you could face some repercussions from the family. At the same time, a pet could get sick or die when it is under your care. When such a thing happens, the best thing is to request your business advisor to help you out. The professional will also help you to prepare for future risk challenges.

It is not uncommon to find a pet store owner hiring a business advisor for only one time event. For example, one could need to re-structure the debts he has taken in operating a pet store, and he needs to find the most effective and professional way of doing the same. The advantage with this method is that it is not expensive as it involves only a one-time fee. The advice received in such a situation can have far-reaching and positive consequences in turning around the fortunes of a pet store.

Seeking a business advisor for your pet store in California is a matter of law. You have to know what is allowed in the state, and what is not legal. California is only second to Hawaii when it comes to tough laws which deal with the exotic pets. The following types of animals are prohibited in California and these include the following: ferrets, hedgehogs, monkeys, squirrels, and gerbils. If you keep a pet which is illegal, you are going to pay a heavy fine.

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How to Choose a Business Advisor for Your Pet Store

The stage of the interview is the most critical when you are hiring a business advisor for your pet store in California. Use the first email to do a thorough problem statement, and see how the professional responds. Through the response, you will also evaluate the probability that you can have a long-term and fruitful relationship with the business advisor. It goes without saying that you need a business advisor who is not very far from the business premises for the purpose of logistics.

Documentation is an important part of any business process. Any time you do business anywhere; ask for documented negotiations and proceedings. Ensure that your lawyer is aware of the engagement that you have with a certain person, and assess the possible consequences. Never have an oral negotiation that is not backed in writing. If you do so, and things go wrong, the government will not be in a position to help you.

Needless to say, take a business consultant that you can afford. If your business is not large in size, do not think about hiring a think tank for your pet business. There are three types of payment when paying a business advisor: a one-off fee based on a project, support retainers, and hourly rates. Avoid seeking the services of a business advisor who only offers one form of payment.

You need to choose an advisor who is comfortable with the use of technology in executing business decisions. This is more relevant if one is facing the problem of distance when honoring an appointment with the business advisor. Moreover, a tech-savvy business advisor is going to leverage the power of technology in order to offer lasting solutions to a problem facing the business. For example, if the pet store is expanding to become a chain store, the business advisor could recommend and facilitate automation.

A California business advisor could be a gainful resource when your business is facing a certain conflict. You could be taken to court for one thing or the other. Your name could also be tarnished due to a pet product or service which is found wanting. What many business advisors would recommend is alternative dispute resolution. Unlike the court process, the alternative dispute resolution is less adversarial, faster, and cheaper in the end. With such a model of solving conflict, the parties are going to maintain their privacy and confidentiality.

It is advisable that you look for a business advisor who is well conversant with your business niche. Such an advisor clearly understands the business issues that face your business. In addition to that, if your business is a small business, check out for a business advisor who is clearly knowledgeable about such a niche. Again, the business advisor should have worked in other projects which are located in California and understands the business landscape of the state.

One of the most reliable ways of identifying the right business advisor is through a referral. Friends and relatives have already used such a service and they do not have a reason to mislead you. The US has a significant number of advisories who can guide you on the best business advisor based on your specific needs. For example, the US Small Businesses Administration gives important information on where to get a business advisor.

Whichever way you decide to go, a business advisor is paramount to the running of your pet store. As a matter of fact, this position is indispensable. Therefore, you have to utilize the right approach in this in order to stand out among the peers. Do a thorough research on a California business advisor and you will definitely realize optimal results.


Starting and running a pet store business is a lucrative business idea and carries a high return on investment. With this business opportunity, you stand to realize a tremendous growth of your business. However, if you are to successfully engage with this endeavor, you have to make the right choice of a business advisor. Overall, a California business advisor will help you identify the best pet idea, will help you protect the interests of your pet store, and will help you in marketing.