Reasons for Giving Your Dog Kibble

Kibble dog food

The benefits that giving your dog a grain free dog food has to offer you cannot be stressed enough. The sad fact is that dogs have absolutely no idea what wheat or corn is, and they are sure to react with looser hips, larger bowels and upset stomachs when you serve them your dog’s kibble.

When you truly become aware of what grains have been added to dog food, you realize that your dog needs a grain free dog kibble. Since no grains were added to the plant in the feed bunch, your dog will not be allergic to anything contained in the kibble. If your dog has skin and ear problems, then a grain free food is a great way to control the irritation. Since grain free food for dogs is also high in vitamin E, this is also a very important nutritionally sound choice.

You should also become aware that corn is not a good source of protein for dogs, and dogs require protein in their diet. Corn is used as cheap filler and with very little nutritional value. This is why corn is cheap for pet food, and why it is used as fillers in dog treats and food.

You should replace at least 50% of your dog’s food from that of a grain free food every month. This is a good start towards a more holistic and healthier diet for your dog.

In addition to this 50/50 ratio, you can also include steamed vegetables, cottage cheese and a portion of your dog’s dinner.

Eliminating Grains From His Diet

Going even further than the kibble, you can also supplement your dog’s diet with ingredients that are grain free. Here are some suggestions:

o butcher’s scraps – your dog will love this

o yogurt

o veggies – Green beans, spinach, broccoli, sweet corn, so Allow your dog to see the stems and seeds as well

o fruits

o oats

o whole grains

o brown rice

You can also buy a products that is grain free dog food that is liquid and has fewer preservatives and fillers. Generally they have fewer calories and less fillers, this makes them a better option for your dog. At the very least they should be slightly better than the regular food they eat.

No matter what sort of food you choose to give your dog, it is important that they have a good variety of different textures and shapes to insure that they have the nutritional benefits. Further, you want to do your research and make sure that they are getting the type of food that the best nutritional diet that they need.

Picky owners and those who work long hours on a business course are likely to give their dogs scraps from the table. This is particularly true of dog owners whose dogs are outside most of the time. I think we honestly consider our dogs to be family members, so we should take care that they are fed and cared for just like we would care for family.

Try going to the pet store and buying a commercial food diet for your dog. This can typically be a lot cheaper than homemade food.“Making your own dog food is a really good idea.You’ll have full control over the ingredients and how much you feed them. I would definitely recommend trying this method.

There are many recipes for dog food on the internet. In general they are better than even the top shelf dog foods in the stores. They have healthy variations and your dog will not be left scratching because they are missing something. The most difficult part for the first time dog owner is how to make all the different diets. I would strongly suggest that you do a little research on the internet before you decide to put your dog on a homemade food diet.

You will find that with a really good food plan, you will save a ton of money and have a happy, healthy, scratching dog.

After researching on the internet, we have selected a great plan and have started feeding our dog a diet of fresh meat, plus some much needed vegetables. I have also found out that store bought dog food and kibble is not good for our dogs. Thankfully there is a tremendous variety of grain free dog food available that is not only very good for your dog, but easy to make. This was no problem for us because my daughter is a sewing lady. She can turn out basic sewing tools in a pinch. Besides money saving, my daughter also discovered that she could make some much needed space in her sewing box, and the result is that we now have our dog sleeping on her ottoman, stopping her from scratching in the floor.