What Kind of Security System Should a Pet Store Have?

security systems for pet stores

A pet store, like any other establishment, will be needing security. It has valuable assets like the animal themselves and other equipment which has to be secured. Shop owners are particularly wary about animals getting stolen because that would be a great loss, not just monetarily but emotionally too. Locksmiths have their task cut out. They not only have to ensure that the locks on the door are secured properly but also in times of an emergency it can be discarded with not much effort.

With the advent of technology security of stores just do not hinge on locksmiths anymore. There are myriad solutions that will assist the shop owner in securing their shops and guard it against intruders.

In earlier times, the best guard used to be the guard dogs. They were powerful and had sensitive smelling and listening abilities and would easily sniff out the criminal. They remain the best guards to date. However, who will guard them?

This is a question that has been plaguing shop owners forever. Their pet shop has many animals, each of whom can act as an alarm. But it may not always work. Animals call and cry at all times and not necessarily seeing an intruder. A security system needs to be in place to counter such a misdemeanour. It is also a wise act to create another barrier since criminals may harm the animals guarding the premises. There has been news of intruders stealing, hurting or even killing the animal. That is something that has to be avoided at all cost.

Let us quickly have a look at some of the devices that would act as a barrier against criminal invasion.

Doors and window sensors

These sensors are placed at doors and windows and cover the area surrounding these openings. They are electrical devices and sense movement or pressure. Any obstruction of any kind will set off an alarm. These alarms can also be synced with the smartphone making it a mobile-friendly security system.

However, there are limitations here. These sensors have a lower limit. Any weight below 40 lbs will not activate it. Though most animals are above this weight, this may be taken as a drawback.

The advantages are many though. The security devices can be placed anywhere. It can be the cupboard, the trash cans, pet cages, simply anywhere can it be put as a barrier.

The syncing with the mobile device further makes it helpful. One might not be able to stop the invasion but at least the information of such an event would be generated and countermeasures can be taken.

There may be occasions when the pet themselves may accidentally activate the alarm. To overcome this challenge each system has separate settings which can be controlled by the user. The central notification system may also be modified to suit the need of the user.

Infrared motion sensors are some of the most sophisticated security devices in the market. It is the advanced version of a lock without the need of a locksmith. Infra-red motion sensors work on the science of obstruction. If someone obstructs the view of the signal, then the alarms go off. These devices too are linked to the smartphone for greater security.

security camera for pet store


This is a must for every establishment. Security cameras have now become a necessity given the rise in crime. Not just for pet shops but for every establishment having one can help owners overcome sleepless nights. Security cameras, like sensors, can be linked to the PC, Mac or the smartphone. These are available in both one-way and two-way communication channels. The one-way channels will only allow the user to view the events while the two-way channel will allow them to speak in the speaker too.

Local shop owners have gone further ahead and linked the cameras to the nearest police precinct. This helps the police take immediate action, the moment a break-in is detected. Security cameras have been a roaring success. They are found in every nook and corner nowadays. For pet shop owners it is always an affordable way to safeguard their property.

Glass break sensors

This is a dual-use sensor. It can detect a glass shattering. Glass break can happen for several reasons. There can be a break-in and the device lights up or it can also be an accident involving the animals. Whatever the situation, glass break sensors will immediately get activated and send out a notification about the same. This too can be synced with the smartphone.

A glass break sensor can be put across any window and cage and works in the same manner window and door sensors work. These devices hear the glass break and send out the alarm. Glass break sensors are an extremely useful security device especially for those shop keepers who deal in jewellery and appliance and a lot of their wares include glass. But, given its success, it has seen wide usage across the business community as well as private residences.

security system for pet store

What to look for in a security system?

Security systems are handy devices and a necessity to have, given the times we live in.

However, before you go ahead and invest in it, certain things need to be looked into.


This is the most important thing before you embark on buying one for yourself and your establishment or residence. Given the plethora of security devices in the market, one must research before deciding on a particular one. Not all devices would be useful for you. Each device has its advantages and disadvantages. Look out for the limitations.


Once you have decided on the security device, a market survey for the price is a must. There are devices found with a variety of price ranges. The most premium one would cost you a lot while the basic ones will be cheaper. However, the decision is based on the requirement and that will govern the price. Also, your budget does play a key role.

System configuration

Security systems are of many types.

They can be wired or wireless. If you wish to avoid the wires, then there many wireless options to choose from.

The advantage of wireless systems is that they can never be chewed upon by curious animals. Wires, it seems are a great source of entertainment for the pets. They find great pleasure in chewing, nibbling and biting on the wires, which eventually break and get damaged.

Wireless systems are also a rage in the market. They do not spoil the look of the walls and there are not much of installation activities that will be needed. However, wireless security systems, despite being sophisticated require periodic maintenance and are some of the most expensive devices in the security device industry.

Before settling in for a system do weigh in the pros and cons of the system, that is about to adorn your place.

One big mistake that most make is the after-sales service of the companies. The work remains incomplete if the after-sales service is not looked into. Merely installation does not fulfil the contract. There have to be periodic checks to keep the system running. Security systems, being electronic and electrical devices have a habit of breaking down and requires trained manpower to handle. A cost is incurred in maintaining these devices and systems. Many companies provide a free service for a period in time after which the services are chargeable. All these needs to be taken note of and carefully understood before a contract is signed.


Some companies provide free installation and many who charge for the installation. These too would be mentioned in the contract.

Installations can be messy affairs and may take time. To understand the nuances and the fine print before agreeing to the installation procedures.

Now that we know the things that need to be looked into, let’s look at the other types of sensors that are helping users keep their premises safe.

environmental sensors for a pet store

Environmental sensor

An environmental sensor has been around for a long time in the form of a fire alarm or a flood alarm et al. It alarms the user of a catastrophe taking place. It is important especially for pet shop owners since animals will not be able to call 911 or even survive a water surge. It is necessary to put these devices in and around the store to secure the area.

Environmental sensors are also helpful against water leaks in the bathroom or kitchen sink and can notify the user of the leakages occurring across the shop floor. These leakages might become a concern if not looked into and can cause serious damage to the property and bodily harm the animals.


This was the first thing we did talk about, the ubiquitous lock. Locksmiths around the world have been a busy lot since the only thing that ever stood between the property and the invader was the lock. However, with the change of times, the lock has become much smarter and stronger. The resilience of the lock has increased manifold and so has its sophistry. The usual mechanical locks have turned into smart ones and can be controlled by smartphones. There are plenty of electronic locks which have entry codes. Voice activation is one of the methods too.

However, before you choose the lock, you should find the right locksmith. Google is your best friend in a situation like this. For example if you live in West Palm Beach a simple Google search of Locksmith West Palm Beach should pull up enough results to choose from.

It is also imperative that you inspect the doors and windows or surfaces where the lock would be placed. Not all locks may be suitable for the areas concerned. Also, voice activation locks do have disadvantages and they would need regular programming to function fully. Maintenance is key to all systems working seamlessly.

Mechanical locks, however, have not lost their charm. There are millions of pet shop owners who swear by their mechanical locks. The old lock and key still rule the roost. The advantage with a lock and key system is that you do not have to remember the password to enter into your shop. All you would need is to insert the key and turn it and lo and behold the lock opens. Locks can be broken or picked, keys too can be copied but that has not diminished the efficacy of these devices. They continue to lord over the security device market with élan.

Some of the most sought after pet shop security companies in the United States of America is:

ADT for pet store


This is the oldest alarm company in the country and has a clientele running into millions. Over the years ADT has garnered quite a name for itself and they undertake the entire project, from installation to monitoring. They do not just install door and window motion sensors but security cameras too. Their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide sensors have also been part of the American lives for a long time now.


They are also one of the leading homes and shop security alarm company and have been in this business for a long time. Their intuitive smartphone app is one of the winners in their inventory and has helped umpteen customers in protecting their residences and shops. For pet shop owners, having a security device that is always linked to their smartphone is a relief.

There are many other security device companies but these two are definitely at the top of the heap. Their focus is to provide the best of services and products to the customers at the most affordable of prices.

However, the ultimate winner for any project is research which is a must before any activity takes place. A thorough study is necessary before a decision is taken.

Final words

A pet shop owner, has security in his mind, at all times. Not only for the shop but also for the animals. Pet shop owners will be wary of the fact that any break-in may not just result in a robbery but even in fatalities. Nobody would want their pets to get harmed in any way. Least alone someone who has a business attached to it.