Pitbulls As Family Dogs

the family pitbull

Numerous advances have been made in the area of medical care for various types of animals, particularly for man’s best friend. As it is already evident, not all animals are created equal, and unfortunately all too often man’s best friend is not equally loved or considered as vital as the other animals. Some might argue that the treatment some animals receive is far different from that of others. While still-well-known, brutal mass-slitters-with-rief-after- euphoria continue to exist in our society, Pitbulls stand out as perhaps the only dogs that are being put to death for the sole reason of money.

The following are just a few reasons why:

  • Pitbulls are the most expensive dogs in terms of medical bills. Their owners spend a lot more on their pet’s medical care than their human counterparts. This is not due to a money-driven motivations for buying these entirely stainless steel studded leashes that cost upwards of $100 so that they can watch their dogs itch-and die-because of overuse. The most likely scenario is that a dog owner bought this item for their dog’s self- vain purposes.
  • Pitbulls are known to be very aggressive. There are reports that show that these dogs, and even those that are not, are responsible for excessive acts of aggression, even towards members of the owner’s family. When they attack someone, the usual suspect is usually a neighbor who is also bitten. This point does not seem to be a major problem to many people as the amount of damage these dogs can do is not very significant. Dogs who are said to have ‘temper’ or ‘passive Aggression’, are treated differently than those who are actually aggressive. Pitbulls also are an excited breed. A window replacement Baltimore company told me they’ve had to replace quite a few windows due to pitbulls jumping through them. They are Basically told to shut up and mind their own business while being watched.
  • Pitbulls are the only dogs that are said to have ‘dental issues’. Basically, their mouths are slightly crooked and they drool a lot. Other dog owners purchase dogs that have slight mouths that are just too small and have issues with their teeth fall out. Pitbulls are the only dogs that suffer from this problem. ‘Cavitary’ problems are also a problem; meaning, they’re dogs who are prone to heart and vision problems, very little amount of saliva as well as some resistant to infections and pain.

It would seem to anyone who is not a dog owner that death by disease is something of a far-fetched notion. However, the fact is that our beloved dogs do die from diseases. Responsible owners who are sincere and sincere about Pitbull breeding will do all they can to make sure that the dog they create will not have these kinds of problems.

Healthy and balanced dogs take the best of all possible steps to ensure that they will not catch any kinds of disease. Besides bloodlines and failing health, these things can be avoided by buying these dogs from a reputable breeder who will have the very best health and temperament guideline and who will also be honest about the dog’s parents. You don’t have to worry about cute factor or adorable factor. It’s actually a rather large ticket if you think about it. You will be able to really invest in a well-bred, healthy dog with a good temperament and who will be a dedicated part of your family life.

So, as you can see,additionally dogs become important part of family life. Sure, they might be an expensive investment but they are worth it. It’s also nice to see that some people will go so far as to spend a tiny amount of money as opposed to tablespoons of money on a toy or a cooked up meal!

A dog is man’s best friend. They are loyal and they will love you no matter how mad you get or how the economy is. So just go out and enjoy your dog, while doing something very important for yourself and the people you know – have a best friend!