Pros and Cons of Allowing Dogs to Eat From the Table

Allowing Dogs to Eat From the Table

Ever wonder why it’s not a good idea to allow dogs to eat from the table? Ever worry about your dog possibly being sick from eating too much? I’m sure that if you are reading this article you have either seen or heard about some of these food hazards. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of allowing dogs to eat from the table:

You may be concerned that allowing dogs to eat from the table could make your pooch sick. While experts suggest that all dogs should be fed from different people’s tables, there are other common sense approaches that permit dogs to eat from your table and there are no specific symptoms. Ultimately, it’s really up to the individual owner to take responsibility for ensuring that their dog is eating enough.

Providing Dogs With Too Much Table Food Could Be Harmful

It is true that dogs may consume too much food from table scraps and snacks. In the past it was believed that too much table food was a contributing factor in causing dysplasia in dogs (which is a normal joint movement.) Think about it! You wouldn’t give a human baby the same table scraps and snacks that you eat. Why then should you give it to your dog?

Feeding your dog the same foods that you eat may not even result in a decrease in canine obesity. In fact, it’s very possible that obesity may actually worsen with additional table scraps and snacks. This is because your dog is consuming lots of calories from snacks and low quality foods. If you can, resist the urge to give your pooch table scraps and healthy treats. Instead, you should provide them with lots of exercise and low-calorie, low-fat food so they will be less likely to beg for your food.

There Are Lots of Unhealthy Food Dogs consume

There are lots of things you are probably currently feeding your dog which are harmful to them. A good rule of thumb is to avoid feeding your dog anything that has been prepared for human consumption. Many common ingredients and food additives are poisonous to dogs and may cause a number of unpleasant conditions.

Some examples of ingredients that are bad for dogs are dairy products, chocolate, alcohol, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, caffeine, citrus oils, grapes, raisins, mushrooms, yeast dough, avocado, meat by-products, walnuts, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, artificial fats, salt, garlic, and many more. You can use Construction Scheduling software to keep a detailed list of what food is bad for dogs.

If you must feed your dog table scraps remember that your dog will eat the leftovers eventually. So upon taking such a recipe, begin to prepare your dog’s meal the same way you prepare yours. Just add your leftovers in place of cheese, rievers, or chicken. Once you’ve done this, slow down the amount of food that your dog eats from your table. There are many healthy dog food recipes that can be found to help you in this regard.

It’s very important to avoid feeding your pooch your table scraps in any way. Not only is it unhealthy for dogs, it can be very embarrassing for your dog and can cause disharmony in the household. Keep in mind that the time that you are spending in order to research healthy dog food is well worth the effort since you will thereby lower the risk of your dog getting illnesses.