Best Places to Take Your Dog in Tennessee

Tennessee is one of the best places to go on vacation, they have so many things to do and see that it is almost astounding. You won’t have any trouble finding what you need for your entire group. That is unless of course one of your group members is a dog, they’ll have some trouble, like every other amazing pet owner out in the world will have a little trouble finding some things that their furry friend can do.

Luckily for you and your amazingly friendly pup, we have found some of the absolute best places to take your dog to in Tennessee. We have places that they’ll love to relax at, amazing places that they can play at, and amazing places that they can get some amazing toys and treats that will make your pup so incredibly happy.

They have things on this list that will make your life a lot easier too, this list tells some of the place’s rules and regulations on what your pup can and cannot do at their location, and as is there provocative, usually have the option to kick you and your pup out of the place you’re visiting if you’re not following those rules and regulations, just like at every other place on the planet that has some amazing things to experience.

These places also have a ton of things to do for a variety of dogs and pups alike. They have things for little dogs, and they have things for big dogs, a lot of the time there is going to be places that gives access to both, and sometimes there will be places that doesn’t give any of them very much access at all. So, because of that, we compiled a variety of different places, so that you can have the luxury of simply finding the right one for you and your pup. Hopefully it won’t take your too long to really get to where you’re going and that you find the right kind of place for you and your pet dog.

Anyways, there is a ton of places for you and your pup to visit, all of them varying in style, availability, and your own personal preferences, so, hopefully we can find a match for you and your pup pretty quick. So, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a conveniently compiled list of all the best places to take your dog to in Tennessee.

Tin Cottage

So, for this list we can start of pretty easy in order to have some relaxing fun. The Tin Cottage is ana amazing place that you and hopefully your dog can have some fun at, if at not the very least some convenience. The Tin Cottage is a little shop that specializes in avid home décor.

They have a wide variety of all the amazing things that you’re going to need for your home, and they have it all available at there locations. Going inside is one of the most fun things that you can do, because you can see all the potential ways that you could possibly decorate your house. That is of course you’ve already decided on how you’re going to decorate your house, or you’re in the middle of decorating and you simply need supplies. Either way, it is still an amazing place to go and take a look around in.

The very simple reason that the Tin Cottage is on this list is because of the fact that they allow leashed pups and dogs into the store with their owners. How amazing is that. You can take your furry friend in to help you get supplies for whatever you’re decorating your house for.

If this isn’t really your kind of thing, but you are in the area and need some place to cool down, well the Tin Cottage does at least have free air conditioning, so for the very least you can go and check it out for that.


The second place on this list is going to be a bit of a 180, this one is a little bigger than your average small shop. Knoxville is a dog friendly city in the East of Tennessee and is just thriving with potential things to do with your amazing pup that you own. There are honestly hundreds of fun things you and your pup can do with your time here.

It is an amazing art scene; it holds a ton of festivals to show case some of the most breath-taking art that you are probably ever going to see. A lot of it being amazing landscapes and some amazing things that you will love to see and that you will just love to bring your dog with to see as well.

There is also a ton of amazing nature out there to go and see as well, a ton of places for your dog to go out in a trail and take a nice relaxing walk through. A lot of the natural trails and paths through the nature is very dog friendly, so you don’t need to leave behind your amazing pup friend unless you want to.

We here understand if you don’t want to go out into a college town for your vacation, but we really think that you would have a ton of fun with your furry friend here if you do decide to go. I mean all the pet friendly patios and live music that they have scattered around the place seems like the perfect place for a pup owner like you.

Walnut Street Bridge

This one is more for the more daring pet owner and pups, it’s a real adventure to go out onto to, you might actually feel like you’re in a movie. The Walnut Street Bridge is this gigantic half a mile-long bridge, that spans its way across the Tennessee river. It connects to the mainland, obviously, at two points, one is at downtown Chattanooga and the other is at North Shore.

This very fun attraction is pet friendly, so bring your pup with you, that is to say, bring your pup along if there not to scared of heights. This is an amazing place to go and see, it feels like your daring, adventurous as you cross the giant bridge, it’ll be something to brag about to your friends, and its something your pup will brag about to other dogs.

Forks of the River Trails

We’re going to stick to something a little familiar with this next one, both the Walnut Street Bridge, and the Forks of the River Trails, feature the Tennessee river. This amazingly peaceful area is something that you and your pup do not want to miss, it is the actual best place to take your dog on a walk in Tennessee.

This wooded adventure area is a really giant wooded area that is located in a. Very convenient place that overlooks the Tennessee river, as we said, and the French Broad Rivers. There are dozens of different trials that you can take out there, tons of new things to look at every time you visit. All of the trails are different in that they have different levels of difficulty and length, so make sure that you pick a good one for you and your pup.

Something that you should know, is that like a lot of other places, your dog has to be leashed here. It’s for your dog’s safety, other guests’ safety, and your own. So, remember that you’re going to have to leash your pup to keep them safe as your having your adventures here.

Also, just a little pro tip, if you go to the Forks of the River Trails in the summer, then you should park your car on the French Broad River side, to see the absolutely stunning fields of sunflower and they hired a consulting arborist to keep their trees in perfect condition. It’s a sight that you, you r family, and your pup aren’t going to want to miss on your very incredible trip.

The Southern

Branching off again in our variety of dog friendly places is The Southern. The Southern is this amazing steakhouse that’s located right in the center of Nashville, it’s really the perfect place to go when you need to get a delicious bite of food, but it is also amazing for a variety of other reasons.

A big reason that this restaurant is so amazing, and something that they themselves have tons of pride about, is there extremely impressive variety of oyster for their guests to choose from. They also pride themselves on sustainably sourced meats and fish, which is amazing because it keeps the food, we eat extremely fresh. He last big thing that they pride themselves on there is the fact that they used local produce, which again, means the freshest possible dishes for patrons such as you and I.

Something that you should know before making the long drive to this amazing steak house is the fact that it is extremely popular. It has tons of patrons going in and out of the place at all times, from opening to closing, and you might not get a table. It’s first come first serve, so make sure that you get there quick, or get there at a good time. A good thing about it is that our can just avoid all the stress of having to hope for a seat, you can just make a quick reservation and have it ready by the time you and your family, and your pup get there.

Now, the last, but certainly not the least fact about this place, is that it is pet friendly. We already said that they let pets in, but there is a few things that you need to know about it before you take your pup there. The patio specifically is what is pet friendly, and the outdoor seating, I’m not completely sure if they allow your friendly pup into the actual building itself, but I wouldn’t bet on it. So, make sure that you are prepared to eat outside with your pup in the amazing Tennessee sun.

Bicentennial Mall State Park

Another great place to take your pup is of course to a park, or maybe a giant state park that you both can have a ton of fun exploring. This is one of Tennessee’s prettiest places to visit and is one of the most historic as well.

It is just a full 19-acres of amazing views and amazing memories to make. The park has guided tours if you don’t feel like going out on your own with just your pup, it has public benches to take a break on, and a really nice business center that has incredible air conditioning. This park is absolutely amazing, it has spectacular views, and best of all your pup is allowed to come with you as long as they are on a leash. As we already established, they need to be on a leash because everyone needs to stay safe, You, your pup, and the people around you.

Lastly, once you and your pup get done exploring the amazing park, you can head across the street to the weekly farmers market, maybe pick up a few treats for your pup and yourself. All and all this sounds like a very fun thing to go do and something that will help make memories for both you and your pup.


This was our conveniently compiled deep dive list of all the best places you can take your dog to in Tennessee, and hopefully it was of some use to you and your very amazing pup. Hopefully you found something that both you and your pup are going to like, whether it’s a giant park, a long, bridge or an amazing steak house to eat at. It is all just amazing because Tennessee is amazing it is a beautiful state that you should visit when you get the chance and hopefully your pup has just as much as the humans that it calls family.