Car Safety for Dogs

dog safety in a car

Dog Seat Belts

I really do not believe that you can let your dog run loose in the car, especially on a long trip when at speeds over 40ippery miles per hour. Some of you out there have surely seen the damage caused by a loose dog in your properly restraints strapped into a seat. An unsecured dog has the potential to cause a very expensive and painful accident. I saw a video on You tube recently showing a loose dog running up to a small child at the wheel. The dog had jumped from the front seat and was soon upon itself running into the side of the child’s foot, breaking the skin and causing the child to lose grip. There are a number of options for dog seat belts and car harnesses on the market. Let’s take a look at the current selection, and discuss options for your type of dog.

You can find dog seat belts in most pet stores. SportDog, one of the largest manufacturers in the industry currently makes several types of seat belts. sport academies, PetSmart, Petco, and many more have dog seat belts in various sizes, colors, and styles. If you prefer the traditional dog harness, you can also consider Club Cavalier, High Car, or some other upscale dog apparel company. For high style Cavalier dog apparel, Dovecote is the name to use. The company makes harness and leash sets that are stylish, beautiful, and durable.

If your dog isn’t the size of the traditional harness, but you still want the safety of a dog seat belt, Kal-Kan gives you that as well. The seat belt portion of the seat carrier can be a solid color such as red, blue, green, pink, white, and several other options. The carrier case can have a metal screen, plastic, or fabric top with clips that attach to the inside of the seat belt buckle or the carrier case.

Kal-Kan offers many great products, but you need to check out their prices. You’ll often find deals that include many or all of these luxuries when you shop online. If you want a system that you don’t have to carry around all the time or you are traveling in a large city, then you might need to consider a hammock style carrier. You can slip the top apart to make a dog hammock, or you can use the bottom part of a hammock as a pillow or place things in a dog carrier case. They are appropriate for most sizes of dogs. If you are buying a hammock, be sure to choose a color that is going to fit with your vehicle’s exterior colors. groundbreaking designer vehicles include vehicles that have a pink roof or leather with pink trim, and these colors will show up on the dog hammock in deep, rich, colors. For those who want to add a little class to their utmost in fashion the color can be anything from a deep red to a glossy black.

Dog Car Seat

I really do not believe in dog seat belts ever. I watched a friend fly a small dog with his owner on a plane. The dog wasn’t restrained in any way. Once the plane landed, my friend was walking around the airport with his dog making himself quite handy. Eventually the dog found his way back to his seat and my friend was able to walk with his dog back to his original seat. Things could have turned out very differently had he used a dog car restraint.

Sometimes you just need to know where you can start. If you need ideas about what to look for in a dog car harness, here are some tips:

  1. Pick several styles so you can match your dog to different vehicles within a day. Sport seats, booster seats, stool, car seats, child seats, kennels, and a hammock are all options.
  2. Your dog’s safety is your first priority, so you need to measure him before purchasing. The typical size for each is usually between 8 and 12 inches. If your dog is longer or shorter, you’ll need to measure to make sure it’s not too tight.
  3. When you have an idea what size you want, you can begin comparing the features and read those comparisons.
  4. Sport seats, booster seats, and car seats are all examples of how a car seat can be used with a dog car harness.
  5. 2009 has seen the birth of the Spot bolt type harness for small dogs. These allow you to attach the seat belt to a clip that can be adjusted to tighten only up to a point. If your dog has to sit too long or curl up too far, the spot bolt type harness can help prevent injury.
  6. If you have an older dog, consider using a harness that is designed for ‘teaching’ collars. This will avoid any damage to the neck and will teach the dog not to pull.

In the past, it was the practice of just putting a dog in a seat and going to work. Today, this is more common, as we understand more about dog harnesses, and how they can help protect your loved one. But, it is still best to use them, whenever possible. It’s not like you have to get a California Construction Permits just to keep your dog safe in your car.

So, get a dog car seat and give your dog a secure place to travel.

How to Prevent Your Dog From Jumping Out

Dog car seats, otherwise known as “harness seats” or dog car barriers are an easy fix to help prevent your dog from jumping out the car when opened. If you don’t happen to have a dog car seat, you can still prevent him from climbing on the driver’s lap. Many people use barriers to prevent their dog from getting a foot or two off the car seat every time it rears up. A barrier keeps him at the very back of the seat.

Many times, owners of larger dogs will use barriers to prevent the dog from getting a foot on the lap. Even if the seat is fully caregvernal, a barrier can still prevent the dog from taking a foot off the seat.

A car harness includes a strap that goes around the dog owner’s body, with a clip that attaches to the car’s safety belt. Many people own cars and, even if they don’t, this is a great solution for them. When you hook your dog up, you can still exit your car with your dog on a leash. You may have an uncle or nephew that is afraid of dogs, but even if he or she doesn’t like dogs, he or she is going to respect someone else’s property. And, many times that’s going to be YOU! If you’re using a harness, you’ll also prevent your dog from strangling.

Buckle dog collars are easy to use and provide great control over your dog. Many owners prefer leather collars, but they’re available and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. The most expensive collar on the market is made of faux leather. You can get them in any color you want, though faux leather is a good choice for other reasons. Because faux leather doesn’t tan, the dog’s collar will be a little darker than you’d like and the collar may look a little plain. But, it’s not too bad because there are many colors and textures available. And faux leather is very durable.

Leather collars are also very durable, starting with the fact that it’s made of real leather and not some kind of craftitized material. Just because it’s leather, however, doesn’t mean it’s going to last a long time. Leather is something that will absorb moisture and will probably develop some mildew and mildew stains over time. You’ll want to avoid this.

There’s also a wide selection of sizes available for leather collars. Starting with the smallest, you can get some great looks with your collar starting as low as a D ring. If you add bleed, you can usually tell simply by running your finger over the leather. Leather can also develop some staining if you aren’t careful, though it hasn’t proven to hold up very long to the tests of time.

A quick search on the Internet will show you a variety of leather collars for your dog, starting with buckle and snap collars to more durable collars with weather resistant coating. If you’re looking for something a little more rugged, you might want to look into a spiked collar. The spikes add an extra flourish to any dog’s appearance. They come in a variety of colors and styles, much like the leather collars you can buy.

A quick look at some of the websites online for leather dog collars will show you a wide variety of choices and styles. Leather is very easy to care for and will not develop patenic. You can look forward to many years with your dog, taking her out for walks and showing her off to all of the people that come into contact with her. She’ll be perfectly comfortable and safe with her leather collar, looking good and stylish and in her element.