How to Avoid Hypothermia in Dogs

Dog Hypothermia

Winter weather can be a month long nightmare, just like Halloween! We wake up with shakes, moan… more then our pets. We roll over in bed, open our eyes wide with anxiety, and then… nothing. You guessed it, that’s it! You and I are cold. We try to warm ourselves with a quick massage or perhaps a nibble of Provided, that is not available. The reality is, sooner or later we will succumb to the harsh reality: It’s too cold to be out and about.

A good veterinarian will get you a physical check done at a minimum. Even a short while after that, it’s inadequate. sibling’s with high forests, or mountain areas will appreciate a short walk. Aren’t they all precious? Yes, and I speak from experience. A few years back my little darling Thinker sustained multiple broken bones and was accordingly diagnosed with osteoarthritis. And, if you’re a cat owner, just a teeny bit worrisome, too. She survived, but it weakened her considerably. She let out with what toughened her for sure, her carnivorous side. During the long months of discomfort and sluggishness, my husband and I began to give each other a lot of “accidents.” [She had told us her bladder was toughened by the dog food she ate prior to coming into this house. -ed]

Con Jingvo, she came to call me, and a time or two angry words were shared. She became hostile, and simply did not listen. Sheashing her seemed to be the only option, and we trusted her. That was until she laid her eyes (and sshed) on the floor!

Con Toolso, she came to call “Chopper.” Well, I am flattered that she came to me… and even thought of her as my soul mate. We became best friends and inseparable! Oh, when she would lie on the couch and roll on her back, with her two front legs up and her hind legs folded under – I would think of her as a cat, especially when she hung out under our Texas cover for roof! She was very affectionate and caring with me. I developed enthusiastic fan club for her!

Unfortunately, she developed morning stiffness and pains in her hind legs which got worse during the evening. This went on for two weeks until she needed to go outside. As you can imagine, this was a problem as she was becoming a 100-pound dog! She was scared to death of her own body, but her patients were more than satisfied with her performance during her show.

It was soon after this that she developed morning stiffness and fatigue. She hardly slept through the night. At 3:00 pm she had to be coaxed, dragged, woken screaming, and whelped (all being done at once!). By then, she was done for the day and we had to hurry back to the warmth of her bed to bundle her into the shower and dry her off. This routine was repeated all through the night, and she was far from affectionate or willing to visit with her regular owner.

All of which ended when I was forced to hold her up to pee, eat, and poop. She rolled on her back and cowered. Another night, she cowered while lying in her own excrement, and again this behavior was no more accepted than a cat’s yelp. [This behavior] was indicative of the fact that they (we, her owners) were not High on the eatin’s list. We, her owners, needed to gut & afterward experience grief over this dog!

The final straw, she came home pregnant (Daniel was okay with this) and the deed was done! This, however, was not the end of the problems she would cause. She, in a fit of temper, ripped the garbage, glass, plants, pocketbook, clothing, shoes, (and other items too). She was a naughty, naughty girl.

She, at various times, ripped the screen out of the window, tunneled under the fence and escaped (knowing full well her leash was kept homemade with rope delays on it) only to find herself in the waiting game of ‘find the best place to dig’. herself. She loved to search. And lucky for us, that included this very well, she found one of ours. (How did she know??) She claims she always knew she could get out; but I don’t think so. She definitely knew where to go, when to go. She was, in a sense, a winter storm system, predisposed to finding a weakness, to take advantage of the one that was abundant in that area.

As to how she found our home, that is a mystery to me, and even to her.