Stories on Pet Food Recalls

pet food that has been recalled

If you want to bring a healthy, happy dog into your home, you should pay attention to some of the food recalls that were recently happening in our country. A healthy pet is less susceptible to food allergies and infections and a long-term diet of the right foods can prevent many illnesses early in life. If you want to learn what you can do to prevent these recalls sandusky food recalls, continue reading.

One food that was causing a lot of recalls and rising prices among consumers was the classic dog food, known as kibble. When one of the batches was contaminated with melamine, a chemical used to make plastics and fertilizers, it shows once again that we dog owners have to be careful about what we feed our beloved pets. Although they are not called by-products, they are often the waste left over from the human food and agricultural industries. This waste is what is used to make your canned dog food or dry dog food taste good. Unfortunately, many popular pet foods contain grains such as corn and wheat as fillers, instead of being the staple of protein that dogs need.

Over time, by feeding your dog a cheap pet food and staple diet of the same ingredients over and over again, he will lose body weight, his immune system will weaken and he will be more susceptible to disease. Just like humans, when our immune system is down, we feel sick and can’t fight off diseases; however, our bodies can heal and overcome disease just like dogs can. When you introduce something new into your dog’s diet, it causes a temporary dip in energy level and they will stop playing with the cheapest lacrosse balls. This is normal, however; if it lasts for more than a few days, you should take him to a veterinarian.

Many veterinarians advise dog owners to purchase a dog food that contains rice, seaweed and fungi as the key features of a healthy dog food. These ingredients Allocos nutritionists believe strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body, increase digestive efficiency and and in turn, prevent allergies and other disorders. A lot of celebrities these days are selling diamond-crusted gnomes with bowl that hold a healthy amount of doggie vitamins for your dog. They claim that the vitamins can improve the animal’s energy levels, improve eyesight and ear hearing, and sustain energy levels at a healthy pace. If it works for the celebrity, then it can work for you.

The final suggestion in this section is for you to read up on the topic of food allergies. Allergies can affect us and our beloved canines. The suggestions below will help you decipher the signs and symptoms of food allergies in dogs.

Food Allergies in Dogs

Dog owners, especially the allergy-prone, should start the detective work to determine the allergen triggering the outbreaks. Once you know the culprit, the task of getting your dog back to optimal health is a piece of cake.

The symptoms of food allergies in dogs are itchy skin, facial swelling, ear infections, blustery sneezing, constipation, licking of front paws, reinforcements to the immune system and gastrointestinal distress. Diagnosing food allergy requires an elimination diet that is as complete as possible. All food types and combinations that your dog has not eaten in the past will be allowed.

Some pet owners take on the task of making their own homemade dog food. This is a mistake! You are taking on huge responsibilities here and the rewards are possibly even dangerous. I would not depend on anyone to correctly feed my dogs for my wellbeing but I would rely on those with experience to know what to do.

At the very least, having a food allergy does not mean that your dog will not be able to eat all kinds of food. No problem, your dogs can eat a wide variety of foods, just make sure that the foods are safe for them and that they are not allergic to any of the ingredients. You can also purchase certain dog foods that are imbalanced. My dog food had corn and so many of his meals. Check with your vet or again, check the internet for reputable dog food manufacturers with dog food recalls.

If your dog has a reaction to a certain ingredient, you do not have to load him up with an ultra-premium food or keep him on cheap food. Such ultra-premium or gourmet dog food is more expensive than the cheaper formulations. If your vet advises you to switch to a more expensive food, then do so. Such food will probably cost more than the cheaper brands anyway.

So healthy homemade dog food is perfectly safe for your beloved canine? Actually, the experts are not as cautious with our dogs’ health as one might think. They say that our dogs can eat a healthy homemade diet or a commercial one without any problems. We do still need to check with our canines’ vets though.