Puppy Leash Training – Teach Your Puppy How to Walk on a Leash

puppy leash training

Have you ever seen the movie Westminster or the play White Snake? This is the message every pet lover has been thinking and writing about their dogs. The scene was set up with a simple puppy leash and little else. Like the movie itself, this scene does not tell the whole story; only the part about the puppy and its leash training is meant to show the effects that leash training has on a dog’s behavior.

Walking nicely on a loose leash is one of the first exercises a dog should learn. This is the foundation for everything a dog should learn and one of the first lessons a puppy should learn. Though most people want to teach their puppy to come when called or the best way to open a door, some want their dogs to walk with them and learn to like being on a leash. In fact, it is recommended that dogs start learning to walk on a leash at about four months of age.

As with any lesson, starting early with loose leash walking is one way to teach your puppy better behavior. Below are three steps that are easy to follow.

Taking the Alpha Swipe

When your puppy first comes home, he’s just taken up his mother’s bed. He wants to be a puppy so bad, he wants to tear up the bed like his mother would and he wants to eat all the pillows from his brothers and sisters.

The first thing you want to offer him is consistency. If you want him to go into a kennel on command, you shouldn’t allow him to hope you creation a world of his own. No, you will get him to follow your desires and he will feel secure and confident that you will love him for it.

Maintaining Consistency

Now that he understands that you are the alpha in this house, you will need to spend some time proving that he is the same scienced in other areas of his life as well. He will need to learn the rules about sitting and he will need to learn the rules about not jumping on people, or peeing on water tanks. It is going to take some time to fine-tune his little mind and strengthen his muscles but you can do it.

Be Patient

Puppies are just like human beings; they are not born with these abilities. However, kids can be taught to love their new puppy in a very short period of time. The same can be said for your puppy. Just like a child, your puppy is going to make mistakes or have slip-ups but you can correct and teach him so he knows where he stands.

The best way to teach your puppy to walk nicely on a leash is to have him trained professionally. Believe it or not, many trainers that you have seen and read, get very frustrated with the length of leash training that is completed by dogs and owners simply because it takes them so long to get their dog to walk nicely.

They believe that dogs are just dogs and they don’t think about consistency and delivery. It is important to stress that learning to walk nicely on a leash takes time.

Be Sure to Offer the Proper Cleanup promptly After Every Training Session

Knowing that your dog is going to destroy the house before long, you need to become consistent in your mission to offer them a safe and healthy home. This is true, even when you choose to go with an all natural, environmentally friendly dog food. You need to ensure that your dog is receiving the nutrition that is needed to give them a long and healthy life.

Simply stated, the best and easiest way to ensure that your pet is receiving all the nutrition that they need is to be sure that they are eating only healthy dog food. You don’t need to become possessive about this, however, it is critical that you remain diligent and consistent in your efforts.

All Natural Dog Food is the Best

The best and easiest way to achieve this is to offer them natural dog food. The pet food companies have done an excellent job of creating dog food that isarcordingand free of all the chemicals and additives. The benefits of giving your dog all natural dog food will simply amaze you. It has been shown that dogs live an average of 10.3 years, yet the recommended dose of the food that they are eating is only 5. You hear that all the time, but it is still a lot better than the hazardous, harmful products that are on the market.

Being observant of what your dog is eating, will be the first step in giving them longevity and good health. When you work diligently to give your dog the best natural dog food, it will show you are truly surprised at what they can and will offer them. Let them live the life that they were supposed to.