Architecture Around the World that is Inspired by Pets

I had this idea for this article as I drove around my hometown of Indianapolis with my dog Sandover admiring Indianapolis architectural design of some of my favorite buildings. As Sandover stared out the window and looking back at me to see if my excitement matched his, I wondered if any architects designed any of their structures because of their love for their pets. My research into this astounded me.

Throughout history, human beings have taken animals as references on a cultural, artistic, literary, spiritual level and even to create war strategies.

In the case of architecture, the natural forms of many species have served as an inspiration to create unique, impressive, and wonderful structures. This is because the geometry of these animals gives them strength and beauty through aesthetics.

If we combine these sources of inspiration with the constant advancement of the materials and techniques used for construction, we are left with incredible buildings, which fulfill their purpose at the same time that they become architectural icons within the countries to which they belong.

These buildings have even helped to repower many localities at an economic level, thanks to the fact that they have served to increase tourist visits to these attractions. Therefore, it can be highlighted that in addition to being very striking constructions for their originality, they have a lot to contribute to the local history, culture, and economy.

Top 13 Architecture buildings inspired by pets

If you are planning a trip to someplace full of originality, we have the perfect alternatives for you, since these are just some of the most emblematic buildings in the world, whose architecture is inspired by pets and animals, which you should undoubtedly know:

The fish of the Olympic Village, in Barcelona, Spain

1. The fish of the Olympic Village, Barcelona, Spain

This is a structure made of titanium and metal. It was built by architect Frank Gehry, who investigated the possibilities he had to freely express various fish-shaped structures from the beginning of his profession.

In the 80s, he made several objects that explored this idea. For the year 1992, the Olympic Games were to be held in Barcelona. Intending to modernize the city for this event, the site authorities entrusted Gehry to build an immense sculpture located on the Paseo de la Villa Olímpica.

Fish inspired him since in his childhood he enjoyed long baths where his friends (fish of different colors) accompanied him in the bathtub; and the structure has become one of the most iconic in Barcelona, especially because it seems to be connected to the Mediterranean Sea that is located in front of it. It measures 35 meters wide and 54 meters long, so this work of art can’t go unnoticed.

Thanks to the use of titanium as the main material, this piece of architecture usually shines when the sun’s rays point at it, obtaining different shades of color that make it look more impressive.

Kindergarten in the form of a cat, 
 in Wolfartsweier, Germany

2. Kindergarten in the form of a cat, Wolfartsweier, Germany

This building is quite recent; it was created in 2011 by the great artists d’Ayala-Suzan Yondel and Tomi Ungerer. It has been considered one of the schools, architecturally speaking, with more style and creativity. Ungerer wanted to be inspired by the animal he likes the most, claiming that cats are extremely intelligent and aware of what they represent as living beings.

From the outside, it can be easily seen that it is a giant white cat that is lying down. It has many details like the whiskers, a small nose, its large legs that go to its sides, a huge mouth that turns out to be the entrance door to kindergarten, and some stunning round eyes that are the main windows.

This building beauty was designed so that children could stimulate their imagination and always want to go back to school. When people enter, it gives the illusion of being swallowed by the huge cat. Inside your “stomach” are the classrooms, cafeteria, and locker rooms. However, the real fun is in its legs; both are play areas so that, during recess time, children can have fun like never before.

The Elephant Building in Bangkok, Thailand

3. The Elephant Building, Bangkok, Thailand

In short, this is one of the most famous buildings that exist in the capital of Thailand. Its construction was completed in 1997 and is characterized by its shape that represents an elephant.

Its height is 102 meters, and it has 32 floors throughout its structure. One of the elephant’s legs is a residential building, and the other two are for offices. These three are connected directly from the upper area of the structure, which supports a series of additional floors.

It has green areas, a shopping center, and a swimming pool. It should be noted that the elephant is a sacred symbol in Thailand, so when the architect Ong-ard Satrabhandhu was commissioned with this project, he had an excellent idea of building it in this way to make it a symbol of the city, and that, in turn, it could stand out from the other 80 skyscrapers that exist.

It has details that, in addition to representing the elephant, were also used practically. The characteristic tusks are the main administrative offices of the building. The queue is a series of rooms with tinted wallpaper, and their ears are balconies from some of the upper floors.

Universum Science Center in Bremen, Germany

4. Universum Science Center, Bremen, Germany.

This beautiful museum, which receives more than 400 thousand visitors a year, was made with the intention that all the people who entered could directly interact with most of the exhibits.

Its inauguration was held in 2000, and since then, everyone has named the structure as three different things, a clam, a whale, and they have even called it a giant pistachio. The architect who achieved this beauty of a building was Thomas Klumpp. He was able to create all this controversy from “what does this building look like?” and that people could automatically identify that it is a museum specialized in science.

It has an area of up to more than 4,000 square meters and was built from stainless steel. In addition, it has an outdoor area of approximately 5,000 square meters, created by landscapers from Bremen, where you can see a large lake, trees everywhere.

Burj Qatar in Doha, Qatar

5. Burj Qatar, Doha, Qatar

It is a building created for offices and designed by Jean Nouvel, an architect of French nationality. It is more than 230 meters long and has 46 floors. In 2012, the Burj Qatar was considered one of the finest buildings in North Africa and the Middle East.

Quite apart from this building being beautiful and extremely elegant, it is inevitable not to think of the giant narwhal, one of the rarest species of whales, when viewed in more detail. This is because it has an aerial pointed beak and its white metal facade.

Lucy the Elephant in New Jersey

6. Lucy the Elephant, New Jersey, USA

By the time it was built (1881), Lucy the Elephant had become one of the newest architectural examples. It was built by James V. Lafferty, using wood and multiple sheets of tin.

This famous New Jersey structure was built primarily to attract tourists and to increase the real estate business. In the 1960s, it was scheduled to be demolished due to the poor condition it was; however, nine years later, a group of people from the city raised the money to move Lucy and completely remodel her.

At present, the birthday of this building is celebrated every July 20, holding recreational events, and it became a historical monument of the nation.

Dog Shaped House in Idaho

7. Dog Shaped House, Idaho, USA

This iconic house is originally called the “Dog Bark Inn.” It measures nine meters and is rented for 130 USD per night. This was an excellent technique for attracting tourists to Cottonwood, a town of only about 900 people.

The hound-shaped house has two rooms that are located, one in the head and one in the belly. In addition, it has a gift shop for tourists and a study where the owners carry out their administrative processes. It also has a large outdoor space and a statue, also in the shape of a can, called Toby.

Of course, guests are allowed to keep their pets, especially dogs. According to its owners, Dennis Sullivan and Francis Conklin, the space is perfect for four people. It is a very comfortable and fun experience.

Building fish in India

8. Building fish, India

The National Fisheries Development Council of India has the most representative building for this area in the world. The building was built by the Central Department of Public Works and was planned from the beginning to look like a fish.

The objective of all this is to represent, at a glance, the activities that take place inside the building. Inside there is a central government organization focused on coordinating the various fisheries agencies that exist.

It was inspired by the fish that the architect Frank Gehry created in Barcelona, achieving a more marked and fun design. It has approximately 2,000 square meters, three floors, rectangular-shaped windows that simulate its scales, and its eyes are blue glass windows.

Zayed National Museum in Abu Dhabi

9. Zayed National Museum, Abu Dhabi

It was done by Foster + Partners, an architecture firm based in London. It was inaugurated in 2016 and is characterized by its beautiful design inspired by the falcon’s flight. This can be noticed because the vertical structures, made of steel, simulate the feathers of the bird.

They act as natural standoff towers, towering up to 400 feet high.

Fort of San Diego in Acapulco, Mexico

10. Fort of San Diego, Acapulco, Mexico

This Acapulco historical museum is the most important monument in this coastal area. It has existed since the 1980s and is characterized by its unique turtle-shaped design. To build it, military engineering concepts had to be applied, which were extremely advanced for the time.

People who attend this museum will be able to enjoy a total of 12 rooms with permanent exhibits and one in which exhibits are made temporarily.

Crocodile Hotel in Australia

11. Crocodile Hotel, Australia

This particular piece of architecture is a hotel located in Jabirú, Australia. It was built in the late ’80s, and it can be said that it is the only Crocodile that everyone would want to enter.

The architects wanted the design to be a crocodile because this animal is of great cultural importance to the people of Gagudju in Kakadu. It is 250 meters long and 30 meters wide.

It has four circular parking lots that represent the eggs of a crocodile, and guests enter through, what would be, the animal’s open mouth. In addition, it has more than 100 rooms, a restaurant where you can enjoy typical Australian dishes and a swimming pool.

Kura-Kura Ocean Park in Indonesia

12. Kura-Kura Ocean Park, Indonesia

This is another turtle-shaped building that is absolutely stunning, the Kura-Kuka Ocean Park, located in Jepara, Indonesia.

It was created with the intention of being an ideal tourist destination for fun and learning because it is also an aquarium where you can find an infinity of marine species.

It measures 3,000 square meters and has many interesting attractions, such as a touch pool called Wahana Kolam Sentuh. In it are goldfish, Koi, and many turtles, which can be seen inside the aquarium.

The Chicken Church in Java, Indonesia

13. The Chicken Church, Java, Indonesia

In 1990, an architect named Daniel Alamsjah built a church that is now abandoned. However, what is special about this structure is that it has the shape of a chicken with a crown.

Alamsjah claimed that, at that time, he had a vision of God; and he came to the conclusion that he should create a church where all Christians around the world could meet and praise the creator. With this structure, they wanted to simulate a dove (the holy spirit). Still, with the passage of time, it has become known as “the church of the chicken,” where many tourists visit it annually due to its great peculiarity.

Wild buildings all over the world

Modern life and nature can coexist in perfect harmony, and these buildings proved it completely. The architects in charge of carrying out these works managed to fully represent those animals’ main characteristics that they took as inspiration for the construction, some more literally than others.

Architecture has the advantage that it can always reinvent itself and break all established norms; it just takes an avant-garde vision and a little creativity.

These buildings have become very important attractions in the places where they are located. They have managed to be considered as places of obligatory visits during tourist trips, and even traditional celebrations have been established around some of them.

This trend will undoubtedly not disappear with time, as more and more architects turn their eyes to nature to study their designs and apply them within the field of architecture.

Best Pets to Have in a Dallas, TX Climate

Dallas, Texas


Texas is home to a variety of pets. Before you bring a pet to your home in Dallas, you should consider a number of things. For example, think about the climatic conditions in your region, and see if your pet will be satisfied and happy. The article below will guide you on the best pets you can keep in Dallas and the climatic considerations for keeping your pet healthy and safe.

Best Pets to Have in a Dallas, TX Climate

Best Pets to Have in a Dallas, TX Climate

Texas has a significant population of ranchers and pets are generally accommodated. However, that does not in any way mean that you can have any pet you want. There are a number of pets which are illegal to keep and the authorities have their reasons for the limitations. A lot of limitations emanate from complains from the farmers who say the pets are a threat to their pets. Other pets do prey on the pets making it difficult to allow them in Texas. A large and exotic pet such as the big cat or the bear requires a permit.

Therefore, prior to keeping your pet, do an internet search to evaluate if the pet is allowed in Texas. You may ado a lot of work, and spend a lot of money, transporting a pet from another state to Texas, only to be informed that the pet is not allowed in Texas. Taking such an initiative could save you a lot of money and could save you from possible inconveniences.

You can experiment on any kind of pet to keep in Texas as far as there is no law which states that keeping the pet in question is illegal. However, when you choose the one you want, make sure that you can get a vet should the climate not favor your pet. Some types of pets may require that you seek the help of a specialist.

The Reference City Code, Section 7-4.6, Texas, gives the limit of the number of pets that one can own at any particular time. It ranges from 4 to 8, depending on factors such as housing. The law does not include the kittens which are under 6 months of age. Therefore, if you are a fan of many pets, make sure that you have a large house, or rent a large one, and the authorities will allow you to make a better choice regarding the quantity of the pets that you want.

Taking care of your pet is not a choice, and these include protecting it from harsh climatic conditions. SPCA, Texas, receives eight calls a day, on pets that have been neglected or mal-treated. It is important that you keep your adoption papers in order just in case you are accused of committing a certain crime. This will help you to defend yourself in such a case. In addition to that, if the micro-chip was provided, make sure you have the same in order.

wading pool for dog in hot weather

Pets and Texas Weather

The summer months in Texas can be hot, and you need to prepare your pet for the same. Similarly, during winter time in Texas, you have to give the safety of your pet a priority. The harshest time, in terms of cold temperatures is both January and February. The other winter months are not easy too, but manageable to your pet.

Pets in Texas can experience problems that are related to cold weather, generalized hypothermia for instance. This may cause the pets to be dull as well as anti-social. You can notice this very fast. If you do, stop walking your pet and go back to find a warm place.

In addition to that, the pets can experience frostbites in the ears, toes, lips, tail, and the nose. Frostbite is a product of cold temperatures, decreased blood flow, and heat loss. Frostbites are not easy to notice, and you may take a number of days before you notice the same.

Therefore, as you think about the pet you should buy or adopt, then think about the conditions in both winter and summer. This will help you in the preparation of harsh months early enough. Note that a simple mistake could compromise the health of your pet or lead to death.

In some cases, one may not be able to bring pets into the house. This largely depends on the type of the pet. One can use the garage, or even the mudroom, in order to provide effective shelter for the pet. However, in such a case, one must ensure that there are no hazardous materials or even trash. You can consider filling the dog house with bedding in order to keep it warm. Another option is providing your pet with a source of heat. However, bear in mind that fire and carbon monoxide can be a big risk to the pet.

During the winter, the risk of poisoning is higher than the rest of the year. This is because rodents such as mice may shelter in the house as they escape cold temperatures. Again, some of the pets already have certain health conditions, diabetes for instance. In such a case, then, the pet is going to be more vulnerable to cold weather. In addition to that, medical conditions such as kidney failure and cardiac conditions can lead to a more severe situation during winter. If you doubt that your pet can withstand the winter, contact a vet for a professional opinion.

Before you get into your car, and before you start your car, it is important that you check if there is any pet that is seeking refuge in your car. This will prevent a situation where you injure the pet or kill the pet. Dallas is quite a busy place to live. And one may be on the move. However, pets and other animals should not be neglected as the Dallas residents go on with their day to day activities.

The Impact of Climate Change

Melissa Gaskill, writing for the Texas Climate News, states that animals are now struggling to keep up with the impact of climate change. However, the animals have also developed adaptive changes including an increase in the number of offsprings and a higher survival rate. Climate change has affected the behavior of the birds (scientists use the term phenological traits).

The United States Environmental Protection Agency states that by 2016, a big part of Texas had already warmed up by a significant 1.5 degrees, when compared to the previous century. This has been blamed on the coal power plants that are a common phenomenon in the state. Texas has made several efforts to manage climate change, but there are observable effects of the changes in temperature.

You may think that climate change affects other people, perhaps as far away as Alaska, but you will be surprised to note that your pet is experiencing a higher level of stress and is not able to adapt to the new climatic conditions. You need to protect your pet. Be the first one to go green, and raise awareness about the impact of climate change.

How to take care of Your Pet in harsh climatic conditions

How to take care of Your Pet in harsh climatic conditions

There are several ways through which you can take care of your pet in harsh climatic conditions. To start with, you should walk your dog either early in the morning, or, late in the evening. By then, the Texas heat will not hurt the pet. It should be noted that the older pets, and the over-weight pets, are vulnerable to too much heat.

You should prepare an effective shelter in order to protect your pet from harsh weather. It is important that a wading pool with water is provided to the pet. A doggie door could be of a lot of help to your dog. You can have a potty area which will be air-conditioned.

If you are using an open vehicle, do not ride your pet at the back. You should note that metal surfaces and truck beds can get very hot. In addition to that, give your companion a lot of water, every day.

During winter, you have few options but to keep your pet indoors. The law requires that all the pets have access to dry and warm weather when the temperature reaches 32 degrees. If you fail to take care of your pet in this way you most likely will have to hire a criminal attorney Dallas TX since charges most likely will be brought up against you.

It should be noted that in this kind of weather, all the pets are at risk, whether big or small pets. Do not think that having a thick fur means that your pet is protected. The best thing is to have your pet indoors in order to prevent any possible risk. Again, it is not recommendable that you shave your pet during winter. This exposes them to cold.

When you are walking your pet, the pavement and cement can be particularly cold. It is better that you walk on the grass, as this will be more comfortable than walking on the pavement and the cement. When you find that it is too cold outside, consider clothing your pet with coats and boots.

Winter in Texas comes with various anti-freeze products. As a pet owner, keep your pet safe and keep such products out of reach. Some of the anti-melt products can carry a lot of irritants and chemicals. Some can have an instant impact on the health of your pet.

Another mistake that pet owners make is to walk their pet on frozen pond and lake. You are not sure that the ice can withstand the weight of your pet. Again, if the ice breaks, the pet will be vulnerable to the cold water beneath, and this can be deadly. The best thing is to avoid such places.

In Texas (as well as Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and New York), it is illegal to leave an animal outside the home without food and shelter, whether it is tethered or untethered. If the authorities find out that you did such a thing, then you are going to be in trouble.

Like in the human beings, a balanced diet to your pets could be the panacea to most of the health problems. If you feed your pet with a healthy diet, you are going to help it withstand the cold winter months. In addition to that, have an emergency kit ready in the case your pet gets sick. Such a kit should include essential medicine.

adopt a pet at Dallas Animal Services

Where can you get a pet in Dallas, Texas?

There is no shortage of pets in Dallas, Texas. To start with, Dallas Animal Services, Texas, has deserving and adoptable pets that you can have a look at. All the pets for adoption are spayed, on a vaccine, and are micro-chipped prior to going home. By choosing Dallas Animal Texas, you are sure that you are choosing a pet agency which boasts a competent team of professionals.

You can do an internet search of the pet store near you. Again, there is no shortage of these stores. However, when you identify one, be sure to check the reviews. Such reviews are going to inform you on the best place to buy your pet. Ask your friends and relatives where you can get a pet in Dallas, and you will definitely find a solution.

Depending on whom you ask, a pet lover could tell you to adopt a pet, rather than buying a pet. Should you choose to buy a pet, then you should think about the breeder. Inbreeding can lead to serious health consequences.

You can take part in the rescue of a pet. There are few cases of pets found stranded, after heavy rains for instance. In such a case, you will be doing the right thing by giving the pet a home.


Like any other part in the US, Texas may have a few challenges, including climate. However, that should not push you away from having a pet in Dallas. Professionals and pet owners have devised ways of addressing the problems that come with the same. Overall, having a pet in Texas is a fun experience and worth it.

Should Restaurants Allow Pets?

dog sitting in restaurant

Should restaurants allow pets? The question is clearly yes in many places, though the matter is addressed by a patchwork of state and local laws, and there are many restrictions that apply. First, we’ll discuss the restaurant pet laws currently on the books. Then we’ll look at the points for and against this pet-friendly trend.

States That Allow Restaurant Pets

Should restaurants allow pets? There are a number of states where voters clearly said yes.

Florida was the first law to allow dogs in outdoor dining spaces. Restaurants in Florida must apply for a permit to be allowed to permit dogs on the property. They must follow certain public health rules such as having employees wash their hands after petting a dog.

Tennessee permits dogs on restaurant patios. They require dogs to be kept on a leash for the safety of other guests. Furthermore, facilities must have an approved cleaning kit for cleaning up any pet messes. This is one of those rules regarding restaurant pets put in place for the sake of public health.

Maryland allows restaurants to request permission to host restaurant pets. They must give the local health department thirty days’ notice. Restaurant owners can restrict the types of dogs allowed on the premises. They could ban pitbulls or dogs over 30 pounds in the name of public safety, though they let any peaceful small dog sit with the owner on the patio.

Rhode Island’s 2016 law is a near mirror image of Maryland’s restaurant pet law. The only difference is that Rhode Island law allows owners to forcibly remove a pet owner and/or pet whenever they want. If your dog is too noisy or aggressive, the owner can kick you both out. Rhode Island is also unusual for letting restaurants set dog-friendly hours. In summary, restaurant pets may be limited to sitting on the patio for a pet-friendly afternoon.

dog eating soup in restaurant

Illinois has an interesting state law regarding restaurant pets. Municipalities with at least a million people can pass an ordinance permitting restaurant pets. Once the city passes such an ordinance, restaurants can apply for the pet permit. The only city large enough to qualify is Chicago. This means smaller cities can’t have pet-friendly restaurants. Furthermore, it means not all restaurants can accept pets. You have to apply and pay for the permit and meet whatever rules Chicago says you must meet to have pets on the property. If you can’t or won’t control the animal, you can be banned from the building.

Minnesota state law says cities can adopt laws permitting dogs in outdoor seating areas. There are a number of rules related to public health. Employees cannot pet the dogs. Furthermore, the dogs are not allowed on the furniture.

New Mexico’s law regarding restaurant pets is relatively broad. The 2011 state law gives permission to restaurants to permit pets. The business must post a sign that designates the outdoor dining area for use by patrons with pet dogs. On the other hand, the state allows restaurants to prohibit pets either on public health or public safety grounds. That isn’t due to liability concerns, because New Mexico law clearly says the pet owner is legally liable for any damage their pet causes including dog bites.

California state law says dogs are allowed in outdoor dining areas. There needs to be an outdoor entrance to the patio so that the dog doesn’t pass through the dining room. Pet waste must be cleaned up promptly and with approved chemicals. The state goes farther than most by spelling out how the dogs must be treated. For example, the dogs can be given food or water but it must be in sing-use disposable containers. Sorry, but you’re not allowed to let your dog lick your plate at the restaurant the way he does at home. Furthermore, the dog-friendly patio must have an outdoor entrance.

New York’s law mirrors that of California. Restaurants across the state can choose to permit or deny pets. All dog food and drink must be in disposable containers.

Georgia regulations allow for pet dogs in outdoor dining areas. Dogs must be on leash and under control. Pets are not to be touched or fed by employees. They cannot pass through the interior of the restaurant. The restaurant must have clear rules for cleaning up pet messes.

Kentucky lets you bring a dog into an outdoor dining area if it is not fully enclosed and can be accessed without walking through the restaurant. The dog can’t come into contact with anything that touches food. Sanitizing kits are mandatory. Kentucky gives business owners the explicit right to refuse service to a patron whose dog is not well-behaved or off-leash.

Oklahoma is unusual for explicitly allowing cats as well as dogs in outdoor dining areas. The same rules such as not having the animal in the indoor dining area and not touching food or food implements are in effect in that state. They require businesses to have a process to clean up pet messes. Food and water can be given to the pet if it is in a single-use, disposable container.

Ohio passed a restaurant pet law in 2018. Restaurants and retail establishments that serve food can get a permit to allow dogs on the property. The restaurant must have a policy in place requiring the patron to control the dog, and this is true whether or not a leash is involved. The dog cannot pass through the main dining hall. And the restaurant must comply with all sanitation standards. They go one step farther in requiring all dogs on the property to be properly vaccinated.

In 2019, Texas decided to allow restaurant pets. The restaurant must keep dogs out of the interior of the restaurant. The restaurant must mandate that dogs be on the leash and stay off the furniture. No food can be prepared on the patio. These are the minimum requirements spelled out at the state level. Cities and counties can set stricter rules, whether it is mandating vaccination of pets or limiting the size or breed of animal.

North Carolina also allows both dogs and cats in outdoor dining areas. The pets must be physically restrained and cannot come in contact with the food or food preparation areas. Staffers are not allowed to come into contact with the animal.

South Carolina is the only state on this list to permit ferrets, though they allow dogs and cats in restaurant patios. The rest of their rules are fairly standard. This means they’re the only state that allows three species of restaurant pets.

Virginia is an interesting exception the trend of allowing restaurant pets. They allow dogs in breweries and winery tasting rooms but not in restaurants. The argument in favor of allowing dogs in these areas is that alcohol actually kills germs, and it is filtered to the microbe level at the final stages of production. In this way, having dogs in these spaces doesn’t present a contamination risk. Yet breweries and wine tasting rooms might serve food. And Virginia prohibits dogs in spaces where food is prepared or served. You could say they ban restaurant pets but let you have a pint with Fido.

Note that the list of states permitting restaurant pets has been growing rapidly. Many of the states on this list only decided to allow restaurant pets in the past five years. This suggests a slow trend toward allowing pets on restaurant patios.

How the Law Treats Restaurant Pets in the Rest of the Country

Where it isn’t permitted, it is prohibited. Restaurant owners will not want a dog or other pet on the premises if the government in their area doesn’t allow it. Why? Because they’ll be cited for violations of the health code if they let you bring a dog into restaurant. That could put them out of business. However, there are exceptions to the laws that say you cannot bring a dog into the restaurant. Let’s look at these exceptions in greater detail.

service dog

Service Animals

If you have a legitimate service animal, you’re generally allowed to bring the service animal with you into a retail establishment. For example, a blind or deaf person is allowed to bring the guide-dog or guide horse into the restaurant as long as it is not disrupting the business. This is actually legally required under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The service animal in this case must be allowed to come with you to the eating area. However, federal law bans the service animal from food preparation and food storage areas. There are gray areas such as whether the dog can walk with you up to the salad bar, though there is no problem if someone brings the plate of food to you.

Note that your emotional support animal is generally not included under the same regulations for restaurant pets.

Reasons Why Restaurant Pets Are the Exception, Not the Rule

There are many reasons why restaurants may refuse to allow pets. They don’t want to worry about other patrons being attacked by dogs. They may not want to hear dogs barking at traffic from the patio. They may not want to have to deal with the potential messes dogs may make, and if the pet vomits on the floor, it could cost them patrons even as their overworked staff are busy cleaning up the mess. The general rule is that dogs must be restricted to an outdoor patio; if your restaurant doesn’t have an outdoor patio, then you don’t have the option of letting patrons bring their pets.

Even places that permit pets in restaurants prohibit pets from:

• Food preparation surfaces or near any commercial kitchen equipment

• Food preparation areas

• Food storage areas

• Indoor dining areas

Banning pets from food preparation areas like the kitchen and food perpetration areas like wet bars to minimize the risk of germ and parasitic infection transmission. Banning pets from food storage areas is done for the same reason. Banning pets from dining areas and preventing them from coming through the front door protects people with allergies. Rules spelling out how pet messes are cleaned up and what chemicals are used are clearly in the name of public health. Rules requiring pets to be leashed, controlled and well-behaved are public safety issues. You can see from the legislative review that restaurants can refuse to permit pets on their property because they don’t want the obligation to clean up after animals. Furthermore, local and regional authorities can prevent a restaurant from permitting pets if they think there are public health and/or safety reasons to prohibit it. After all, it is unfair to order a business owner to accept restaurant pets they’re allergic to or afraid of.

restaurant dog

Why Do Restaurants Want to Permit Pets?

Many pet owners are devoted to their pets. If they can bring the dog to sit out on the patio and enjoy a burger, they’re more likely to frequent that restaurant over another. And this is a fairly large demographic that will otherwise eat at home. If you can permit restaurant pets, you’ll be marketing to a devoted customer demographic that finds it hard to get service.

If they don’t have to rush home to let the dog out, they may stay longer. This typically translates into a larger food order via appetizers and desserts. Depending on where the restaurant is located, it may present the opportunity to sell edible dog treats in addition to food for human owners. Or you’ll attract dog walkers who want to sit down and relax with a beer and appetizer while their dog stares at the pedestrian traffic.

Allowing people to bring their pets may attract otherwise lonely individuals who don’t see a need to go out. These individuals are bringing their dog, because they don’t have a date or group of friends to go out with.


Restaurant pets are generally banned and heavily regulated where permitted out of concerns about public health and public safety. Where restaurant pets are allowed, both pet owners and business owners must follow a number of rules to be allowed to have pets on the property. Violating these rules is a violation of the health code, and that will get a restaurant shut down as soon as it is found out.