What to Teach Your Puppy Before He Is a Year Old

how to train a puppy

The beautiful thing about owning a puppy is that they can make us laugh and sometimes even save our lives. When you bring home that puppy out of the blue, it is truly a shock to your system. That cute little fur ball will need to be evaluated and trained in very important areas that will impact their entire life. If you fail to educate your puppy as to what is expected of him or her, you may end up with a dog that is stubborn, pushy and overprotective.

I am a huge advocate of positive reinforcement type training. You should never hit the dog or make threatening gestures toward them as a matter of fact. In some cases, you may want to stay away from training your puppy while he or she is actually a puppy. Just start out as early as possible. The beauty of beginning training early is that a puppy will be easier to train not only because they are smaller but they are also generally easier to train because they are more open to learning.

Training an older dog is just as important as training a puppy. Older dogs may be more difficult to train and may have already developed some bad habits. That is why it’s so important to retrain an older dog what type of behavior is expected. Gaining your dog’s respect is one of the most important things that you can accomplish when training an older dog.

Giving your dog a name is probably the most important thing you can do to start training your dog. Give them a name that is very short, like two syllables or less. Make sure that the name you choose for your dog is going to be fun to say out loud. When you call your dog, what part of the body do you see your dog’s back when they come to you?

You should spend a fair amount of time potty training your dog. This is a subject that some people feel is best left alone while others feel that it just need to be addressed. When you bring home an older dog, it’s not uncommon for them to have a potty accident in the house. If you notice this happening, and you respond with a stern “no”, you are most likely going to reinforce that negative behavior. So what should you do? Your dog’s potty training isn’t going to be an issue if you keep watch or control when and where your dog goes potty.

Before you bring home built by modular construction companies a new puppy, examine your dog and find out what kind of things they like to do. If you find out that your dog enjoys chewing a lot, you may want to make sure that there are some chewing toys available for them. The best way to train your dog is to keep them on a diet and schedule. If you find that your dog is having a hard time controlling when and where it’s potty, there are going to be some accidents and you need to clean up those accidents.

You are going to need to make a schedule to keep your dog on a regimen. If you find that you have to get up and stay late to take your dog out, then you may want to reconsider your schedule with your dog. Instead, consider a neighbor that is willing to let you use their yard early in the day for a potty break. This may be more convenient for you than letting your dog out in the backyard late at night, but it’s not going to work for your dog.

If you don’t have a neighbor, but are in a position to stay home with your new puppy, consider yourself lucky. But if you’re going to be requiring your dog to stay in a particular area, then your dog is going to either need to learn to go potty outside or you’re going to have to use a crate.


There are different types of collars and they all play an important part in potty training your dog. The two main types of collars are shock collars and citronella collars. These two types of collars have their own purposes, though. Shock collars work by giving your dog a painful shock every time they’re naughty. Citronella collars work the same way, but the dog hears a burst of citronella and gets a shot of citronella every time they bark for long. So the main difference is the sense of smell these collars have. Shock collars will give your dog a very mild electric shock and citronella collars will cause a squirt of citronella every time your dog barks.


Leash laws, the laws where you live can also make it a little more difficult for you to potty train your puppy on your own. It’s important to have a leash on your dog while you’re teaching them to go potty outside. Taking them out for a walk is a way you get them familiarized to going potty outside on a leash.