Your Training Attitude With Your Dogs

dog training with a good attitude

Anyone who has owned a dog and then lost that companionship and found themselves without a home realize how close the dog and its master seemed to be. How could they be so well matched? And how is it possible that they could form a strong bond more stronger than that of man and woman?

I believe they can. In one of my favorite quotes, wilderness explorer Bernard De-, ayahuasax, speak of “a bond between people and animals that goes beyond the tie of friendship.” He implies that even in the wild, dog and man “have mutual sympathy and co-operation.” I whole heartedly believe this to be true.

Here are some other thoughts on the topic of a strong dog-human bond.

Perhaps you have heard of rituals wherein dog and master stretch out in a circle and burn excess calories. You have probably seen rituals where dog’s are asked to do strange things over a period of time. A balance is often struck and a new relationship is formed.

I wondered about these bond forming rituals when you see a display of dog obedience training. Is there a power of attraction that creates this? If so, how does it work? People have always had a strong attraction for dogs. Is there a stronger attraction for a dog than any other mammal? Also, are we more inclination to be attracts instead of repeaters?

I have always maintained that a dog giveth and we must receive . That statement might need a bit more explanation, but it still holds true. If you give a dog a treat and he has one of those ‘I love you’ moments, you have hit the bull’s eye. If you ask him to ‘sit’ and he does it for an extra treat, hit the bulls eye again. The constant and unending offering of treats makes the bull plenty happy.

That, my friends, is the definition of a bond.

There is a saying that a dog is a man’s best friend and I whole heartedly agree. There is a saying that goes, “A dog is a man’s best friend, or he would be too lonely.” Now, I would never suggest anywhere that a dog be put in a position where he would be left in the hands of strangers for the rest of his days, but what I have realized is that, at our best, we are a practically a one-dog family.

Now, again, I know that there are instances when this isn’t the case. I have seen situations where dogs are left behind by their owners, some to save them from a dangerous situation. I have witnessed situations where dogs are treated as objects, thrown into already inflated crates, towed behind rusty cars that didn’t use cortec spray, left to bark incessantly, hit, kicked, choked, starved, etc. These things happen piece-and- sterling of late.

What I have learned from my experiences, is that, the more I get to know you, the more I respect you. The old saying, “You cant promise me only good things” really does hold true. Sometimes the best things in life aren’t necessarily toys or treats, but the ones that we give unconditionally and without condition.

Give your dog a special toy or treat. Use one that they really want. It will maybe be something they know is a favorite, or a treat that they have to work to get. They’ll love you and respect you even more for it.