CGS Hospital in Gurugram Starts Free Tele OPD for Pet Lovers

The doctors in a Gurugram veterinary hospital recently carried out an emergency operation on two dogs. Pablo, a boxer who was brought bleeding due to a low platelet count, and Casper, who has a life-threatening intestinal perforation. Located in DLF Phase 3, Gurugram, the CGS Hospital (A Unit of CGS Charitable Trust) under the aegis…


All The Ways You Can Purchase Freshpet

Freshpet is dedicated to bringing the power of fresh, real food to pets. We take great pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients, and cook them in a way that protects their integrity. This way, we can make sure each recipe is at the peak of freshness when it reaches your pet’s food bowl.  Now […]

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10 Ways You Can Create Mementos of Your Pet

Losing a pet is an ordeal that every pet owner could experience. It clouds the heart and clutters the soul with grief and agony. Although such a loss is often least spoken, pet owners can testify that accepting the reality that a favorite companion is now memory is not easy to bear. You have memories…

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Best Way to Find and Purchase a Quaker Parrot Without Getting Ripped Off

quaker bird

If you have seen a quaker parrot for sale, you are probably wondering whether it is a good idea to buy it. These birds are intelligent. Some of them are quite friendly and social. However, they have also been known to manifest moody and ill-tempered mannerisms. Identifying and selecting a decent quaker parrot for sale won’t be easy, especially for beginners that have never owned a bird before.

If you don’t want unscrupulous elements to rip you off, you should take the following into account:

1). Seller

When it comes to buying a quaker parrot, you should pay close attention to the seller. Listen to what they have to say. Do they look like they understand parrots? Try to verify all the information they provide. If it is accurate, it will guide you towards the best quaker parrot for your needs. If it is inaccurate, you can use that as an excuse to avoid the seller in question.

Store owners that provide inaccurate information about their birds are either incompetent or liars. You don’t want anything to do with either.

quaker parrot

2). Origins

Don’t forget to investigate the origins of the quaker parrot. Hand-raised birds are attractive because they have some experience with human training and affection. They are expensive. However, they are also easier to handle and train.

Second-hand birds have their advantages as well. They are accustomed to human interactions. However, because they have settled into certain patterns and behaviors, teaching them new habits will present a much bigger challenge.

3). Money

This is where so many people struggle. They don’t know whether to prioritize cheap or expensive quaker parrots. In truth, where quaker parrots are concerned, money doesn’t matter. The behavior should be your primary focus.

There is no point in buying a cheap but poorly behaved parrot because you might eventually spend thousands of dollars to remedy its bad habits. This can also happen with expensive birds, which is why the cost of a parrot shouldn’t sway your decision.

Focus your efforts on identifying the healthiest, happiest, and most social parrot available. You should only take the financial elements into consideration after locating a suitable quaker parrot.

green quaker bird

4). General Stores

Of all the sources of parrots, general pet stores are the most popular. Before you invest in a bird from a pet store, pay close attention to the environment. If the store and its cages are dirty and unkempt, the parrots on sale are not worth buying. Look for a clean, organized establishment.

5). Specialty Stores

Specialty stores are better than general pet stores because many of them are operated by devoted lovers of birds. You can trust them to stock the healthiest quaker parrots on the market. Of course, this isn’t always the case. You are encouraged to investigate each store’s reputation before you make a purchase. The best stores have a lot of satisfied customers in their past.

6). Breeders

Breeders are hit or miss. The best breeders love parrots and they breed them to satisfy their passion and they put their focus on the quaker parrot for sale. You can trust them to provide you with satisfactory birds. But a lot of breeders lack integrity. Their objective is to make as much money as possible, even if it means selling substandard birds. You have to visit a breeder’s facilities before you make a purchase from them to ensure that their practices meet the relevant standards


Foods You Should Feed Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

Whenever your dog has a watery poo, it’s something you should be worried about as a pet parent. In most cases, there’s a reason behind your fur baby’s sensitive stomach, like eating something that they aren’t supposed to eat. Sometimes the case is more chronic and troublesome as dog diarrhea, or ulcer. Whatever the cause…


How To Choose The Best Recipe For Your Small Dog

At Freshpet, we believe our four-legged family members deserve all the benefits of a fresher, more natural way of eating – what we don’t believe in is a one-food-for-all-dogs approach to this diet. There are three key reasons why smaller breeds need a recipe tailored to their needs: 1. Small dogs tend to have higher […]

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Pets, People, Pandemic – Our New Poll Reveals How the Pandemic is Impacting Pet Parenting

If a feel-good story has surfaced during the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s the connection between people and their pet companions. With adoptions soaring the past several months and Americans spending more time at home with their four-legged companions, pet parents say the pandemic has shed new light on how much their pets mean to them – […]

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Things to Know While Going for a Hike With Your Dog

Dogs can be your best buddies if you have a plan of going for a hike with them. Apart from being a curious partner throughout the journey, your pet dog will have a great deal of mental stimulation from it. Several studies also suggest that dogs can reduce destructive behaviour and anxiety when they are…


Here Are Those Things That Your Dog Desperately Needs From You

If you own a dog, you know he or she is an integral aspect of your life. Nothing in this world can replace the unconditional love that a dog offers to human beings. They will always be there to cuddle you if you have come home after having faced a bad day. But do you…


The Importance of Getting Your Pet Microchipped

August 15th is National ‘Check the Chip’ Day – a day organized by the American Veterinary Medical Association to remind pet parents to microchip their pets as well as check their registration information to ensure it’s up-to-date. If you have a new pet or just haven’t considered microchipping before you will understandably have a few […]

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