Why Concrete Art is a Great Medium to use for Pet Art

pet concrete art

People make and invest in pet art for several reasons. Some people want to immortalize their pets, to remember them even after they have passed. Others want the images and personalities of their pets to surround them, not just in their homes but also in their offices, especially if they hold those pets in high esteem.

They want to experience the joy the animals inject into their lives even when those animals are absent. One can also use pet art to raise interest in a particular cause. When people think of pet art, their minds immediately jump to oil paintings.

But have you considered using concrete as a medium? You have to take several factors into account when choosing a medium for your art. For instance, you must consider the supplies, specifically how accessible and affordable they are.

You must also consider the space available to you and any limitations you might have to work around, such as time constraints. Concrete doesn’t sound like the easiest material to use when making pet art. But it has a lot of advantages that make it the perfect medium for your situation:

1). Flexibility

Concrete art is highly flexible. You can fit your pet art in your home, office, indoors, outdoors, restaurant, gallery, basically any setting you want. The material is adaptable. You can even apply it to existing concrete in a particular space.

Once it is in place, you can stain it with acid or add interesting finishes and textures to create uniformity with the environment. Despite what some people might assume, the material won’t limit you.

dog concrete art

2). Durability

If your pet art was designed to memorialize your pet, you can take comfort in the fact that the concrete art in question will last a very long time. In fact, it might outlive you. Concrete takes a while to deteriorate. It isn’t as vulnerable to extreme weather conditions or components like mold, especially when you compare it to other art mediums.

3). Maintenance

Not only is concrete art long-lasting but it requires very little maintenance. You can clean it using any methodology that appeals to you. It can withstand harsh detergents. You don’t have to work as hard to remove stains and spills. And even when it deteriorates, there are inexpensive steps that can be taken to fix it. The material is so cost-effective because the maintenance costs are so low.

cat concrete art

4). Environment

Concrete art is eco-friendly. It is easy to recycle and it has a low carbon footprint. In other words, you can immortalize your pet without endangering the planet. If the pet art is stored indoors, you can also rely on it to contribute to your property’s energy requirements.

Concrete stores energy. People use it to construct buildings because it can reduce the structure’s heating and cooling burden. Pet art made from concrete won’t drastically reduce your energy bill. But it will make a small difference.

As you can see, the case for pet art made from concrete is quite strong. You will be hard-pressed to find a stronger medium that is also affordable and easy to maintain.