Best Kinds of Dog Cages/Pens/Enclosures That Dogs Don’t Feel Confined

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You can come across a variety of cages, enclosures, and pens available for dogs. Available in different sizes, styles, materials, and shapes, dog enclosures meet the varying needs of a large number of pet owners. You have to consider the dog size, budget, and aesthetics when it comes to choosing a cage or pen. It is always advisable to buy one that doesn’t make your pet feel confined. The dog cage you select should allow free movements so that the dog can stay relaxed and healthy.

Adjustable dog enclosures are a smart choice for puppies

If you want to buy an enclosure for a puppy, you can purchase a cage that can be adjusted to accommodate future needs. There are dog enclosures that come with an adjustable divider wall or back wall. These products can be adjusted to accommodate puppy growth.

Adult dogs need a sizeable cage but not too large

When you buy a pen or cage for an adult dog, you should consider a reasonably large one that allows free movements. Adult dogs often have a tendency to stand up and stretch. Further, they look for some space to turn around and a comfortable area to relax. So, you have to consider the size of your dog while buying a cage. However, you should not opt for a larger one. Unreasonably larger dog enclosures tempt your pet to urinate or defecate in the unused area of the cage.

Here are the most important things to consider while choosing a dog cage or pen:

– Dog size

– Behavior

– Location

– Level of adjustability

– Portability and storage

– Ease of setup

– Materials

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Dog size

The size of your dog is the most vital consideration. Larger dogs need larger dog enclosures. You need to give adequate space for your pet to move around. That is to say, the dog doesn’t feel confined. It is necessary to let your dog play around without getting into trouble.

Dog behavior

Some dogs have an inherent tendency to escape from the cage. If your dog is one of them and shows a high chewing tendency, you need to look for a more heavy-duty exercise pen with taller sides.

Cage location

You can come across different types of dog pens nowadays. Some cages can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Some other dog enclosures are designed to use for indoor purposes only. So, cage location is an important aspect when you plan to buy one. You have to decide whether you want a pen or enclosure to use outdoors, indoors or both.

Level of adjustability

Some dog enclosures have a fixed shape and size. You cannot adjust them to find more space inside the cage. You can also find dog cages that can be adjusted by removing or adding panels. So, the level of adjustability is a vital consideration when it comes to buying a pen for your dog.

Portability and storage

Many people are looking for pens that can be stored out of the way while not in use. You need to assess your needs and decide whether you want a portable or fixed cage. There is a great demand for portable products that can be stored safely and conveniently.

Ease of setup

You can find dog cages that need more complex assembly compared to some other options available on the market. It is wise to assess how fast and easy to set up the pen before making a buying decision.


Dog enclosures are made using a wide range of materials, including plastic, mesh, and metal. The durability of a pen depends on the material used. You need to select the most suitable material depending on the chewing tendencies of your dog.

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Learn the difference between a dog crate and a pen/cage/enclosure

The design and size are the two important factors that differentiate a crate from a pen or enclosure. A dog crate refers to a box with four sides, a top, and a bottom. When you put your pet in a crate, it has very little space to move around. A limited amount of space can always be associated with conventional dog crates.

Modern dog enclosures or pens come with a step-through door. Without offering a confined feel, these products are equipped with enough space for a dog to move around, stand up, stretch, and lie down. Further, most dog pens don’t have a top to make the dog feel confined.

If you want to keep your dog in an enclosure for more than a couple of hours, you need to choose a dog pen over a crate. Crates are generally used for short term needs. Like human beings, dogs also like to change positions regularly. These are natural movements of dogs to stay comfortable and also help them maintain good physical health.

Are you looking for the best kinds of dog cages/pens/enclosures where dogs don’t feel confined? Several manufacturers offer many different types of innovative dog pens and enclosures that offer sufficient space for dogs to move around and feel comfortable. Let us check the best options available on the market today.

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All-purpose dog enclosures or pens

Multi-purpose dog pens, also known as all-purpose pet play enclosures, are one of the best choices available nowadays. Dogs don’t feel confined inside these types of cages. Top-quality, all-purpose pens are made using highly durable, heavy-duty molded plastic. You can use these products outdoors as well as indoors. Offering excellent weather-resistance, they meet your expectations efficiently. Some of these models also come with rubber feet to provide much-needed protection for your floor.

Equipped with eight interlocking panels, the best all-purpose dog enclosures let you position the cage in different shapes to accommodate the unique needs of your pet. If you take out one or two panels, you can create a small space for your tiny puppy. As the puppy grows, the pen size can be increased with some extra panels. You can purchase these panels separately. The best models come with more than 34″ height to prevent your dog from jumping out of the cage.

The benefits of these models in a nutshell are:

– High durability

– Excellent Flexibility

– Outstanding height

– Good choice for indoor and outdoor purposes

– Appreciable weather-resistance

– Rubber feet to protect the floor

Classic indoor foldable metal dog pens

Offering around 16 square feet of enclosed space, classic indoor foldable metal dog pens meet the expectations of different pet owners efficiently. Dogs don’t feel confined when you put them into these types of cages. Adequate space keeps your pet relaxed, comfortable, and healthy. The best classic indoor models come with a good number of panels that can be arranged in many configurations.

You can even create a divided space to keep two dogs together in a cage separately. Providing an added security, a double latch gate prevents your dog from getting out of the cage without your permission. Further, these dog enclosures are available in different heights to handle dogs of different sizes. You can also find a step-through door that guarantees easy entry and exit for the pet.

Key benefits can be summarized as follows:

– Foldable or adjustable

– Eliminates the feeling of confinement

– Divided space can be created using panels

– A double latch gate offers extra security

– Available in different heights

– A step-through door is available

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Specially-designed dog enclosures for energetic, large pets

You can find specially designed dog cages or pens for energetic, large pets. Made using strong and durable steel fencing panels (usually made with specialty welding), these products can accommodate even the largest dogs. The special coating safeguards against rust and corrosion. Equipped with 40″ high panels, these types of cages prevent even the most energetic large-breed from jumping out. Pet owners can get in and out of the pen easily and securely without allowing the dog to escape. Thanks to the secure gate attached.

These specially-designed dog enclosures come with steel stakes that can be used to secure the pen in the yard. The durable construction offers them high longevity. You can assemble these pens with effortless ease and comfort. Special tools or devices are not needed for installation. Further, the panels can be arranged in a variety of shapes.

Leading benefits are as follows:

– Strong steel fencing panels

– Best protection against rust and corrosion

– Easy and convenient access for pet owners

– Steel stakes to secure the pen in the yard

– Easy assembly

– Adjustable and flexible

Convertible exercise dog pens

As the name suggests, a convertible exercise dog pen can be used as a dog crate, exercise pen, a free-standing pet gate, or a room divider. Made using up to six panels, these all-in-one dog enclosures can be used outdoors or indoors at will. High water resistance can be associated with these types of products.

With the help of a try or floor mat, you can use this convertible pet enclosure as a crate. When used as a gate, you can keep your pet out of off-limit spaces. These kinds of products are extremely versatile and natural-looking as well.

Advantages in a nutshell:

– Highly versatile dog pens

– Suitable for indoors and outdoors

– Superior water resistance

– Can be used as pet crates

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Lightweight dog enclosures or pens with soft-sides

Several manufacturers offer lightweight, portable, and spacious playpens with soft sides for dogs these days. With soft sides, these products create a safe play area for pets. Extreme ease of setup is a remarkable quality of these cages. You can carry them with absolute ease. If you are searching for a perfect exercise pen for puppies or small dogs, you can easily choose this type of product.

The fabric used to create these dog enclosures is highly durable and waterproof as well. You can find zip-off top and bottom panels on these cages. The bottom can be zipped off to let the puppy play in the grass. You can also zip on the top to prevent the dogs from jumping out.

Most prominent advantages in a nutshell:

– Lightweight

– Portable

– Spacious pens with soft sides

– Ease of setup

– Durable and waterproof

– Zips on bottom and top

Special indoor puppy passage enclosures

Puppies are renowned for their naughty and playful nature. Making a mess of things, they can make your life a bit difficult. If you want to handle naughty puppies, you can buy a special indoor puppy passage pen. These types of dog enclosures don’t make your puppy feel confined. Featuring a solid design with skid-resistant pads, these cages offer the best protection to your flooring. With a swinging door, they let the puppy come in and go out smoothly.

If you want to keep the puppy for an extended period, you can use a lock. Strong and high panels don’t let the puppy escape easily. You can easily dismantle the pen and store it in a safe place. These kinds of dog enclosures are also highly portable.

You can come across a wide range of dog enclosures, pens, or cages nowadays. The abundance of choices available makes the process of choosing a suitable one difficult for many pet owners. If you want to make an informed decision, you must assess your needs clearly. The next step is to search for the products that suit your unique needs. Many different online stores sell a wide range of products to suit the varying needs of different people.

The product categories mentioned above are the best kinds of dog cages/pens/enclosures available these days. These types of products don’t make your pet feel confined. When it comes to choosing the right cage that fulfills your needs, you have to take into account the size and temperament of your dog. It is always advisable to buy a pet cage that is durable, flexible, strong, and portable.

You must also consider the location where you want to set up a dog enclosure. There are specially designed products to meet different purposes, spaces, and situations. Finally, the price must be a top consideration as well. When you consider all these aspects, choosing a dog pen or enclosure does not become a daunting task.