Why Does My Dog Whine And Bark All The Time?

Whine And Bark All The Time

Whining and barking are two different things. Dogs whine because they want attention and/or because they are upset. Dogs bark for similar reasons but also in order to frighten off their predators. Both barking and whining are ways the dog communicates with you and with other dogs.

A dog that is suddenly whining or barking without reason is probably saying “I need my owner to give me a treat, dinner or a toy, do not make me feel bad, I am scared!”

You have to understand the difference between whining and barking forks ago when the dog was just whining Sore joints, aching muscles, connecting gashes and skin pain that seem to show up all the time.

Frequent whining was once considered to be a normal occurrence and was accepted as a cry for help.

Nowadays, whining and barking are both considered to be “dog-related noises” to be ignored. This does not mean any form of punishment is off the mark. You must investigate the problem.

Any normal dog will typically whine and bark his head off for a reason as I found out when I had my german shepherd come with me as I did an auto appraisal. Whining is a call for attention. A dog is trying to send a message like “Hi there, I want your attention, do you got it?” and/or “Hey, you forgot about me!”

Accidentally, if a normally quiet dog starts whining uncontrollably, and there is no apparent reason, assume the dog wants to play. That’s what dogs do. They are like children and play until they collapse from exhaustion.

For example, if you are cutting the dog’s nails and he starts whining, he’s just wants to play with you and is not trying to drive you crazy. Actually he is probably telling you “Look, the ball is totally underfoot… I’m telling you there is nothing there!”

A dog will whine for attention just about any time. He even whines to get a treat. He is probably telling you “Hey, you forgot about me! I’m trying to get a cookie!”

The biggest problem is domesticated the dog has come to expect a treat when he wants to play. He will even whine for a food reward.

Then there is the accidental whining of a dog when he is trying to get out a door for a walk. Dogs will sometimes bark when they need to go outside. Again, while this is not a deliberate act, they often need to go and bark to let you know.

You need to be able to understand your dog’s language. He will sometimes bark at you when he wants something. Then he will whine a bit and you get a clue as to what his message is. Then he will keep quiet and wait.

Curiously, a dog will whine to go out the door in the morning and come in the evening. This is kind of neat! They clearly identify with you and want to be with you.

Now then, if you have a dog that is repeating this same behavior whenever he wants a cookie, surgery, or anything else he wants, you have to take a step back and really observe him.

Puppies will learn best that way. You can give him a treat and then put a cookie on the floor a few feet away and tell him to go get his cookie. Then he does and then you reward him. Then he repeats, but when he wants something the dog doesn’t have to wait, he just tells you.

Try having a friend ring the doorbell and when the dog goes to the door, just give the dog five minutes and then let him out with the cookies. The dog learns that the doorbell is associated with a reward, but the cookies are not.

So practice the same procedure but add in “go outside” or “do your business” instead of “pull the trigger” or “let’s go.” The dog learns what you mean when you want him to go outside. It’s not as difficult as you thought it would be. Soon, you will no longer have to repeat the words, but your dog will understand the commands. And, you will have less vet bills!