Best Places to Take your Dog in Palm Beach, FL

Palm Beach dog destinations

Palm Beach is a beautiful place that attracts visitors from all over the world. People love the location because it is suitable for individuals, families, and groups. But what about pets? If you have a dog, are there any places in Palm Beach that will welcome both you and your canine?

You might be surprised by the sheer number of places in Palm Beach that are dog-friendly, including:

Lake Woof

1). Lake Woof

Lake Woof is special. As a dog park, it was designed to cater to every need your pet might have. They accept animals of all sizes, including the largest breeds. This matters because they have pet washing stations. Located in John Prince Park, Lake Woof has 5 recognition sites. They sell engraved bricks at $250.

City Paws (Howard Park)
City Paws

2). City Paws (Howard Park)

City Paws is another dog park that caters to both small and large animals. The establishment’s biggest attraction is the crowd. If you live in the area, you are bound to see several familiar faces. This will simplify the process of finding trustworthy people whose dogs can play with your canine. The park has fountains and clean-up bags.

Peanut Island
Peanut Island

3). Peanut Island

This man-made Island is somewhat inconvenient for some people because you need a ferry to get to it. Though, there are plenty of water taxis and private boats in the area. However, the island is quite attractive to travelers because it welcomes dogs. Though, you must leash the dogs. The Island has a thriving beach that is popular among partiers.


4). Howley’s

Howley’s Restaurant is part of a historic diner that has a 1950s sheen. Howley’s is just as historic in appearance, which might explain why it serves classic American food. The vibe puts people at ease. If you have a dog, the restaurant has an outdoor patio that welcomes pets. You can eat with your entire family without neglecting your dog. The establishment has a menu that includes organic foods. I really like Howley’s because right around the corner is my Palm Beach CPA, so every tax season I drop my taxes off to be filed and while it’s being done I take a nice, long lunch at Howleys.

Jupiter Dog Beach, Florida
Jupiter Dog Beach

5). Jupiter Dog Beach

Jupiter Beach offers 2.5 miles of dog-friendly real estate. Dog owners are not expected to keep their dogs on a leash. However, the beach has strict rules. For instance, they only welcome well-behaved dogs that know how to socialize.

Because dogs don’t have to stay on a leash, aggressive dogs are not permitted. Dog owners should keep their dogs within the boundaries of the beach. The non-leash provision does not apply to the stretch between the parking lot and the beach. In other words, dogs must stay on a leash as their owners walk from the car to the beach. But even with these rules, the beach is the perfect spot for a dog and his owner to have a good time.

Palm Beach Lake Trail in Florida
Palm Beach Lake Trail

6). Palm Beach Lake Trail

If you want to take a walk with your dog but you greatly desire a change of scenery, give the Palm Beach Lake Trail a chance. The trail is safe for your dog because most of it is off the main road. Though, certain sections expect trekkers to cross a few streets along the way.

The trail is relaxing because it is mostly paved and there are plenty of trees on the side to keep dogs and their owners protected from the sun. The path will take you past several beautiful mansions.

Even more convenient are all the shops and restaurants you will encounter along the way. Feel free to stop at any of these establishments.

Pooch Pines Dog Park
Pooch Pines

7). Pooch Pines

As the name suggests, Pooch Pines was made with dogs in mind, which is why it has sections for dogs of different sizes. You don’t have to worry about anyone turning your dog away. Pooch Pines is supposed to meet their needs.

Though, it has plenty of shaded areas with benches for the dog owners to sit while their dogs enjoy the paved wash station. If you have a particularly energetic canine, it will get a kick out of the fountains. Dogs are free to play in them if they wish.

Dreher Dog Park in Florida
Dreher Dog Park

8). Dreher Dog Park

Dreher is a dream for dog owners primarily because it is so large. Once you reach the heart of the park, the road is over a mile away. In other words, dogs can run to their heart’s content without accidentally straying into traffic.

The park is suitable for families because it is clean and well-kept. The size of it creates a sense of isolation. You can have as much fun as you want without disturbing anyone. The park is open all day. They provide baggies for dog owners, not to mention fountains for the dogs.

Stuart Beach, FL
Stuart Beach

9). Stuart Beach

Stuart Beach is nothing special. That is to say, it doesn’t have any astounding features. However, it has every attribute you expect from a decent beach, including a lifeguard that will keep swimmers from drowning, showers for people to rinse off, and concession stands.

Dog owners will be happy to know that the beach is dog-friendly. However, you must keep the canine on a leash.

Pistache French Bistro, Florida
Pistache French Bistro

10). Pistache French Bistro

You don’t expect award-winning establishments like this to welcome dogs. However, the Pistache French Bistro at the heart of West Palm Beach will surprise you. You will be hard-pressed to find a better source of french cuisine that will also feed your dog. They accept reservations.

Palm Beach Bicycle Trail Shop
Palm Beach Bicycle Trail Shop

11). Palm Beach Bicycle Trail Shop

This establishment allows you to take your dog and your bicycle around their trail. The trail is accessible all week. If you don’t have a bicycle, the shop will loan you one. They also offer scooter rentals, though you must be older than twenty-one.

If you have a bicycle but it is in disrepair, the shop offers repair and maintenance services along with drinks and helmets. It takes roughly ten minutes to cover the bicycle trail. You can bring your friends, family, and dogs. The sights are quite beautiful. Don’t forget to bring a camera.

Wellington Dog Park
Wellington Dog Park

12). Wellington Dog Park

This is a good place to come if you want your dog to exercise. It is a decently sized location where your dog can play without a leash. It is not only well-kept but it has many trees that will shade you and your family on a hot day.

In other words, the park isn’t meant solely for dogs. It has picnic tables and restrooms for dog owners and those that accompany them. Though, your dogs are the honored guests. They get to play in all the water fountains.

Juno Beach Park, fl
Juno Beach Park

13). Juno Beach Park

Your dog is permitted to play without a leash at Juno Beach Park. Human beings are welcome as well. The beach is good for walking and fishing. People use it to sunbathe all the time. The concession stands are conveniently located.

Bellagio City Place, FL
Bellagio City Place

14). Bellagio City Place

This eatery is found within a local historic cultural arts center in West Palm Beach. They have amazing Italian Food. Your dogs are free to occupy the patio in front of the restaurant. The courtyard has a fountain. They sell wine at discounted prices on certain days.

Soverel Harbor Marina
Soverel Harbor Marina

15). Soverel Harbor Marina

Soverel Marina, which has 146 boat slips, is found in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens. Because of its location near the Intracoastal Waterway, the marina provides easy access to restaurants and marine supplies.

You can stop here on your way to places like the Bahamas. Some people come for laundry services and showers. The food they serve in the eateries in the vicinity is wide-ranging. You also have beaches within walking distance, not to mention facilities for golf and tennis.

Bark Park Dog Beach in Florida
Bark Park Dog Beach

16). Bark Park Dog Beach

You can’t just hang out here. The management expects you to purchase a permit unless you are a Florida resident. Someone else can also purchase the permit for you. Either way, you have to spend money to get to the beach. This is because it is privately owned.

The money you spend is more than worth it, though, because the beach has all the upscale amenities you could possibly require along with a lifeguard. You can bring your dog. You don’t have to keep it on a leash.

Grease Burgers, Beer and Whisky Bar in Palm Beach, FL
Grease Burgers, Beer and Whisky Bar

17). Grease Burgers, Beer and Whisky Bar

If you have been to the New York City Meat Packing District building, this establishment might look familiar to you. This is because it copied the design of the building. But that is not all it has to offer. The eatery has some of the best burgers in the area. But you don’t have to eat alone. Your dog is welcome.

Woof Gang Bakery Palm Beach
Woof Gang Bakery

18). Woof Gang Bakery

Shopping is a prominent aspect of every vacation. But you don’t have to shop for yourself alone. If you want your dog to share in the fun, visit the Woof Gang Bakery. They are a leading source of pet food and supplies.

They also provide pet grooming services, not to mention a pet resort and a wellness clinic. As their name suggests, they have a bakery. There is no better place to be in Palm Beach for your dog. The canine will receive 5-star treatment.

Cinquez Park, FL
Cinquez Park

19). Cinquez Park in Jupiter

This establishment has a storied history. It was initially populated by African Americans during the Jim Crow days. It was a thriving community with businesses and churches. Its streets were eventually named after African locations and black leaders.

Joseph Cinquez, the man from whom the park gets its name, led a slave revolt. The marker in the park that was planted in 2019 is designed to educate visitors about the historical importance of the park. But if history isn’t your cup of tea, the park has plenty to offer.

It sits on 13 acres, more than enough space to accommodate gatherings of every size. It has picnic tables, restrooms, and facilities that cater to fishing enthusiasts. If you have a dog, the park has a dog section and dog washing stations. It is a beautiful, well-kept attraction with paved walking trails and benches. They have everything you, your family, and your pet could want to enjoy your stay.

O'Shea's Irish Pub in West Palm Beach
O’Shea’s Irish Pub

20). O’Shea’s Irish Pub

This is a dog-friendly pub that visitors run to when they want some nice beer and live music. A live DJ is always available. If your nights are vacant, check their calendar. They have events every single day. You can trust them to keep you occupied. They serve brunch.

Clear Kayak Sunset Tours in Florida
Clear Kayak Sunset Tours

21). Clear Kayak Sunset Tours, Jupiter

You wouldn’t expect an Airbnb to cater to dogs but that is exactly what Clear Kayak Sunset Tours has done. You can see Jupiter from the comfort of your kayak as you paddle with your dog. There is so much to see from the water.

You are expected to bring a towel. Your dog will lie on it. This has more to do with the kayak than the dog. The towel protects the vessel. If you don’t know how to kayak, you can learn. If you have friends and family, bring them along. Their services can accommodate up to 10 people.

Lake Ida Dog Park, FL
Lake Ida Dog Park

22). Lake Ida Dog Park

This is a great park that should appeal to dog owners and boaters. You can take your dog for a walk. You can also eat lunch near the lake. There are sections for large and small dogs. The park has restrooms, benches, and fountains for dogs.

If you don’t want to walk, they have a bicycle path. Canoeing and kayaking are options, though some people prefer jet skis. If you have children, the park has a playground, pavallion, and some grills. In other words, there is plenty of room for both people and dogs to exercise, fish, cook, and play.

BRK Republic indoor dog park

23). BRK Republic

Dogs and people will love this indoor dog park. They have friendly personnel, a decent selection of beer and wine, and outdoor seating. If you have a dog, they will offer it as many water bowls as it wants. They will go out of their way to make you comfortable.

FIND Park Jupiter, FL

24) FIND Park

This park allows your dogs to play without a leash. They have facilities for large and small dogs. These sections are separated by fences. If your dog likes to swim, it can leave the beach for the water.