Best Ways to Remodel a Pet Store

remodeling of a pet store

One of the most successful business ideas out there is pet stores. More and more people are acquiring pets as their companions at home, mainly because it is a selfless and unmatched company.

When you have a pet store, especially if it has been around for a long time, you may find yourself needing an expansion or remodeling of the premises, either for aesthetic reasons, renovation, or expansion of the physical store or services.

In any case, remodeling a pet store is not the same as remodeling any other commercial business since specific health, and well-being factors must be taken into account, not only for humans but also for the animals.

Define what the business will offer

Before remodeling the pet store, you must define the products or animals you intend to offer, such as toys, food, medicines, hygiene products, clothing and accessories, snacks, supplements, etc.

Likewise, it is common for many pet stores to offer products for pets’ comfort, such as cages, fish tanks, houses, and beds for dogs and cats, habitats, and others. These products often need their own delimited spaces, and some cannot be mixed, such as hygiene products and medicines.

It would be best if you also considered which animals will be in the store for sale to the public, their particular needs, which species may and may not be nearby, the space they require, and others.

Finally, if the pet store offers some services such as veterinary, dog grooming, and others, it will also require another space with additional special characteristics. Defining these points is the first step before carrying out the remodel of the pet store.

This job is not only about the aesthetic factor, which, although it is very important, must also comply with health regulations and be practical. Once the offer to the pet store’s public has been defined, this information can be compared with the space and boundaries of the store, which will allow better organization of the next steps.

remodeling a pet store with new shelving

What is the central theme of the store?

Not all pet stores are the same; some specialize in traditional pets such as cats and dogs, while others may extend their offering to exotic animals. Whatever the case, it is essential that a theme is chosen in order to reshape the business within a single unified theme.

Pick a theme for the pet store. This will help you unify the space. If you specialize in certain breeds of animals, this should be highlighted around the store. Otherwise, a pet business theme can be “the bottom of the sea” or “in the jungle.”

This theme can be perceived as the pet store’s personality or the heart since it can be reflected in the decoration, the type of floor, the walls, and even the style of furniture selected.

Defining the theme of the pet store can serve as the backbone for all other areas. For example, suppose in your pet store you specialize in a specific breed or a particular species, for example, more focused on dogs, fish, or birds. In that case, you can make it noticeable in the decoration, and everything you include should complement in a good way the style you want to achieve.

flooring removal in a pet store

Flooring Removal

In pet stores, it is common for animals to walk inside, such as dogs, cats, or others, so this must be taken into account to make the space much more comfortable, easy to clean, and, of course, hygienic.

If the floor is already scratched or worn, it is time to carry out a flooring removal; this is especially important if the store’s floor is made of wood or carpeted because these bring certain problems. Before we delve any deeper, a pet store would need to hire a contractor to do such complex work. For example if your pet store is in Jacksonville, FL you would do a Google search such as Jacksonville Flooring Removal and look for a highly rated flooring removal contractor and give them as call for an estimate.

As for the wooden floor, it can be easily scratched by the passage of animals, and if accidents occur where the animals urinate on the floor, the urine can penetrate the wood and leave a moderately permanent odor on the wood.

On the other hand, wood is very susceptible to fungus and deform due to humidity, which can be harmful to pets. As for the floors with carpets, you should remove this type of floor since it is very uncomfortable for pets.

It can also accumulate hairs much faster, and cleaning can be difficult, so although it may look good, it is neither practical nor hygienic for pets. It is also essential to do flooring removal if the floor has any toxic components to animals, such as plastic paints, wallpaper, adhesive vinyl, and others.

These decorative materials can become dislodged and accidentally eaten by some pets, which could be highly detrimental to their well-being and have some legal and financial consequences for pet stores.

Once flooring removal has been done, a type of flooring that is pet-friendly should be installed. Among the best options are Stone Tile, Bamboo, Cork, and Vinyl flooring.

  • Stone Tiles: In the case of Stone tiles, although this material can be a little more expensive, it is highly resistant to any type of scratch, as well as stains and does not absorb odors, so it is very durable over time.
  • Bamboo: Suppose you like the way wooden floors look. In that case, bamboo is the best option for pet stores since it is very resistant to scratches and stains; besides, in addition to being a product that naturally fights microbes, which will prevent allergens’ appearance and mold, it is also very durable over time.
  • Cork: Cork, for its part, is a very ecological, resistant material and is also antimicrobial, which is ideal for pet stores. Additionally, this floor is usually warmer and absorbs sound, which makes it more comfortable for pets.
  • Vinyl Flooring: Lastly, vinyl flooring has the advantage that it can be designed to look like any other type of flooring, such as Stone tile flooring, but they are much cheaper. This type of flooring is quite resistant to water, as well as scratches, so it is perfect for the transit of pets and people.

Division of store spaces

Once the entire flooring removal process is finished, it is time to delimit the pet store’s spaces or areas. This has many benefits; on the one hand, customers will know where to look exactly what they need and, in addition, risks due to cross-contamination are avoided.

These areas can be divided both by type of product and by type of pet and by colors, depending on the amount of space and variety of products that exist. Likewise, these areas should follow a logical order, so that people feel pleased when entering the store and buying what they need.

When planning the delimitation of the different areas (food, accessories, hygiene, medicines, pet clothing, habitats and beds, and pets, among others), it is time to mark them in the store properly.

Shelves, cabinets, and display cabinets must be used that comply with local hygiene standards and regulations, and identify the respective aisles for each product. For them, signs can be used in the form of posters hanging from the ceiling, as well as indicators on the separate shelves.

All the posters exhibited inside the premises, either on the walls or on the shelves or, even, hanging from the ceiling; They must be correctly identified with the store’s logo or with its visual identity. These should also serve to quickly clarify customer doubts regarding the location of the sections within the store or even about some products’ characteristics.

The environment mustn’t be overwhelming, but it is necessary to reflect the store’s spirit and make a relaxing and fun environment for pet owners without oversaturating it with options and products.

The lighting is also essential, as it must be bright enough so that customers can correctly visualize the characteristics of the products, but soft enough not to disturb or stress the animals that are there.

Now, regarding the area where the animals will be located, it must adapt to each pet’s needs. This includes variants such as type of cage or habitat where they are going to be placed, ventilation, space, isolation from external noise, environmental temperature, lighting, number of specimens that can coexist in the same space, cleaning facilities, and others.

This point is one of the most crucial, since each animal’s welfare must be placed above other factors such as economic. Not only for environmental awareness issues but also to comply with the laws and regulations in the area.

This area must be delimited and perfectly delimited, to be able to keep the different species separated, and, in the same way, not to have, by accident, products with intense aromas near the animals, since they could affect their olfactory sensitivity or even alter them.

pet store furniture remodel

The furniture

Remember that all the elements you use in a pet store must be of good quality and must be easy to clean; they must not include toxic materials, much less give off strong odors.

You must buy a type of furniture suitable for each part of the store, for example, the bathtub and tables for the canine hairdresser, furniture for fish tanks and terrariums (if necessary), display cabinets for medicines, cages or small pens for dogs, cats, and other animals, among others.

Some of these furniture must be resistant to support the weight of certain items, such as dog and cat food; Other types of shelves must have a surface to hang a variety of merchandise such as toys for animals, clothing, and accessories.

It is also advisable to include one or more display cabinets, since these, having a unique design with crystals, are usually very striking. They can also be ideal for more specialized products such as certain types of medicines, hygiene products, or even accessories of small size to care for some types of pets, such as fish.

In almost all cases, the shelves can be custom designed to suit the specifications and dimensions of the pet store. In any case, there must be a style in common between all the pieces of furniture, such as the same material or style, since this will be very important to have congruence within the visual language of the store.

remodeling pet stores walls

The walls

Walls are a crucial part to consider during your pet store remodel. There are two factors to consider: the technical or functional, and the visual aspect. As for the technical part, the wall should be studied to see if there is mold, moisture, stains, or cracks on its surface.

In the event of visible damage, the wall panels should be repaired or replaced, but this is not the only thing. Check if the insulation is in good condition or if it needs to be replaced, as this process is mandatory according to many laws and regulations.

Once the physical condition of the walls had been verified, it was time to paint them. It is advisable to use plastic paints or some type of paint that is easy to clean since stains are very likely to appear over time due to the kind of business carried out on the premises.

Now, these paints must be suitable for pets and closed spaces, you must make sure that they are not toxic and that they do not give off strong odors, as well as you should not apply them in the presence of animals or with the products of the store located within the premises.

This is because, on the one hand, the smell of fresh paint could be toxic to some animals, and it could also contaminate some of the products, so they should be kept out of the store while this process is taking place.

The decoration

With the theme, the spaces, the floor, the furniture, and the walls ready, it was time to decorate. An excellent idea is to include displays that have the colors and visual identity of the store to divide the different spaces.

Another helpful idea is that you adapt each type of decoration (posters, billboards, displays, and ornaments) to the different seasons of the year; this will help customers to feel a much more familiar and entertaining environment. Also, you are likely to increase sales this way, especially if you include the holidays.

Remember, all the decorations you use must be safe for pets. For example, if you use small decorations, leave them on the shelves, and out of their reach; this will help you avoid accidents from being ingested by a customer’s pet.

Renovate your pet store is necessary

Over the years, items in a store tend to wear out, and this is particularly true when it comes to pet stores. If you want to make sure your store has a pleasant, clean environment for customers and is safe for their pets, you need to make sure you do a professional renovation.

With a professional remodeling service for your pet store, you will not only ensure that you create an ideal environment for this area, but you can save time and even money in the process, and you will get an incredible result at every opportunity.